Golden rules of the casino player

To become a decent casino player, you must know certain fundamentals. Nobody won the huge jackpot by throwing themselves drunk, angry and against a machine they didn’t even knew and went home with 5 million dollars. Casinos are business and as such, the odds are in favor of the house. Here we will present five elemental things to know before entering the premises of a Casino.

Know your game

If you don’t know how to play blackjack, don’t go to the table. It is imperative you are informed about the game you are playing. We live in the communications age, five clicks away you can find critical tidbits on how a game works and how to put the chances on your side. Also, don’t be shy. Even if the dealer is a classy veteran or a gorgeous girl, if you don’t understand something, ask them. Besides dealing cards and looking pretty, their job is to explain. You can find some tips on the vitality of information regarding research before entering a casino here.

Alcohol and money make an ugly Jackpot

Consider this one of the most important golden rules of the casino player. The simplest and most attractive trick used by a casino to empty the wallets of the players is offering free drinks. Of course, it is proven knowledge that a scotch on the rocks makes players play their best. Well, that is absolutely wrong. If you accept, before you know it you will be taking decisions hastily and if there is something you require to win, is a clear head. Your mind and your eyes are the essentials you need, alcohol attempts to corrupt both. In conclusion, if you want to go back home with something, do not drink.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Define your limit before entering to the casino. Don’t attempt to be the so called “big spender”. This is the most important of the golden rules of the casino player. If you wish to have success playing, choose a limit and then stick with it. It’s very common that gamblers in a losing streak become frustrated and start betting everything they got. Also remember, if you do that, the Casino wins.

Confidence is the mistress of the mediocre

Anybody can have a winning streak. When this happens and you keep pocketing more chips, don’t get caught in the charm of the money. You didn’t become god or anything; you are still an ordinary person, just like me. Always keep using your head while playing, it’s all about mathematics after all.

Nobody follows the silent one

Science has proven that shady characters tend to appear around big piles of money. For your protection and the protection of your winnings, don’t share with anyone in the casino your winnings, your loses and your future plans. If you want to count your chips, check your credit, don’t do it in public. Also, be sure to lockup your winnings with the casino cashier. Also, you need to be sure on the options of casino payment. In the case you win something big, well, let say shady characters do tend to appear. For you safety and comfort, always remember, information is power.

For the last of the golden rules of the casino player, being the most obvious and a huge cliché; know when to quit. Calling it a day is a virtue of the brave, believe me.

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