Hacking in Online Casinos

Online gambling is one of the online services that receives more attention from security departments. Existing in cybernetic space, online casinos must have the means to assure current and potential players  with absolute confidence that their money is safe and sound while they play their favorite casino games.

This is why online casinos that seem shady or directly don’t have strong security policies tend to close after one year. It is a reality that hackers exist and do attacks from their home, a café or even their closest library. It is also a reality that sometimes the hacking efforts come from the inside, with a shady insider selling information or chips from players. Privacy is a privilege and in the online realm many individuals often find ways to break it. Today the reader will learn about many of the attacks hackers can do to online casinos.

DOS (Denial of Service)

This attack basically crashes the server of the online casino, leaving it unavailable. The direct consequence is that costumers cannot enter the site, making the online casino lose money. This kind of loss can escalate to millions of dollars, as the damages must be fixed and sometimes players end up suing the online casino for the online casino closing while they were winning.  A few months ago there were casino news in the Australian media about a big attack to one of their most important online casinos. Dos attacks are commonly used by rival online casinos to harm the competence.

Theft of Goods

In this kind of attack, the hacker steals the victim’s credits and sells them through shady networks for cash. This kind of attack happens in online casinos with very weak security, so players should be mindful of where they gamble

Illegal Chips

Here the hacker needs a thorough understanding of the online casino. What he does in this scenario, is generate “fake” online credits. This kind of attack can close online casinos, as sometimes the amounts border on the extreme.


There are numerous approaches to cheating in online casinos. Many players utilize bots that calculate the exact chances of winning or losing, giving them an edge when betting. Other method is when a single player creates many online poker personas and enters a table playing with each of them. With 3 poker players playing for the same side, the player gets an incredible advantage over the others.

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