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Sometimes professional players don’t have enough with big wins and the glamour infused lifestyle of a prime casino player. In those moments, interesting casino news arises, as some fall to the temptation beyond the temptation of gambling. The odyssey of today is about Bill Edler, a professional poker player that along with several other pros of the game has been accused of various charges related to illegal gambling and money laundering by the FBI.

Illegal High Stakes Gambling

The FBI informed that the operation was directed against a network that organized games and accepted high stakes sports betting, and whose incomes were laundered abroad with the collaboration of the Russian mafia. The Russian mafia can be found on the headlines of many casino news, as they frequently have been associated with the illegal casino scene of United States. Among the 34 people with an arrest s order, including two World Poker Tour champions, Vadim Trincher and Justin Smith, a winner of a WSOP bracelet, Abe Mosseri, and a legend who has been able to win in both circuits, Bill Edler.

Edler has three million and a half dollars in career earnings, whose career began when he played for hours at a casino in San Francisco, where he ended up taking the position of director of the poker room before turning full to tournaments from 2005 .B

Hollywood casino news

The scandal may go further and jump towards individuals of the mainstream media, as one of the detainees is Molly Bloom, the organizer of the high stakes games usually played by several Hollywood celebrities. The complaint for fraud to an investment manager that left dozens of millions of dollars on these poker encounters had splashed already so well-known people in the scene, as Gabe Kaplan or Tobey Maguire, who avoided attending their the trial paying $ 80,000 to those affected.

The search of witnesses and the search of the missing money trail brings the spotlight names like these or Leonardo Di Caprio and Matt Damon, of which it is said they were regulars at parties organized by Mrs. Bloom. According to Grantland, the involvement of the Russian mafia debt included Cobor through threats or violence and the subsequent laundering of money.

We will keep updating you with the latest casino news regarding this matter as information continues to surface.

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