How has Technology Transformed Bingo as we know it?

Bingo is big business in the UK. In fact, the industry has a net worth of £340,000,000. Though in recent decades, the game as we know it has undergone a lot of changes. Those changes are a result of changing and advanced technologies.

It’s safe to say that tech has had a huge, positive aspect on the game, particularly the fact that you can now play it online. The UK’s online gambling market is worth a whopping £2billion, proving there’s big business playing online. So, just how has tech transformed traditional bingo?

Eliminating the problems with traditional bingo

One of the main reasons as to why online bingo is so successful and popular is most likely largely to do with the fact that it eliminates the problems with traditional, physical bingo. As well as the obvious swapping of paper to laptops, tablets and even mobiles (therefore eliminating paper wastage) there are a whole host of reasons as to why online bingo is better suited to our society.

• A new type of customer is attracted. Bingo halls generally are associated with older players (particularly women), yet online versions of the game are much more appealing to younger players, and men.

• It gives you more freedom and works around a busy lifestyle. With things like mobile bingo games, you can now play bingo on the move and when it’s most convenient for you. So you can fit it around your hectic schedule.

• There’s more diversity in terms of games. Most good bingo sites out there offer other games as well as bingo, so you can try out lots of different games in between your bingo ones.

• They have links to responsible gaming info. If you’re worried about your gambling habits, online gambling sites (should always) link to responsible gambling info and addiction help sites, so you can work to solve your problem if one should arise.

The future of online bingo

Since 2006, online bingo activity in the UK has risen 155%. Online bingo also makes up a huge 17% of online gambling. So, where will online bingo go from here?

• There is still an overwhelming majority of female players over males. (Though the average age of the player has gone down to 38). Therefore online bingo may be looking to increase male participation. It’s been said that sports bookmakers and gambling sites are adding bingo to their services.

• There is also a possibility of live streaming straight from a bingo hall to your phone to get the experience of a live caller.

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