How to win big on casino games

There’s lots of different reasons that people play casino games or go to a casino. Casinos are an exciting place, a great night out. You can meet up with friends, have a few drinks, and have some fun playing games of skill and chance.

But when you are playing casino games you are also hoping that you will win some money, that you’ll get lucky, that maybe you’ll win your fortune. But in this respect not all casino games are equal – you will have more chance of winning at some games, and also some games will give you a better return than others which means that if you win you could win big.

In this article we take a look at which are some of the casino games out there that will give you the best return for your gambling money.

Avoid the slot machines

Slot machines are a lot of fun and are easy to play. The sounds and lights and the momentum of the games get you excited and keep you playing. In reality though the odds on slot games are quite low – you will probably have a few wins but your payouts will be small, it is pretty rare to make your fortune playing the slot machines. As a general rule you will always get better odds when you are playing tables games.


Roulette is one of the most popular table games at casinos and the odds that you get are pretty reasonable. This is an easy game to play and the betting is straightforward. Because of the way that the betting is structured there are a range of odds available to the roulette player. The highest payout is when you successfully guess the number that the ball is going to land on. Much easier to win is simply by betting on red or black, but the value of the payout is going to be much lower.


The dice game of craps is one of the most exciting and dramatic table games that you will find at a casino. If you are just starting out at casino games then craps can seem to be a bit daunting, a little difficult to work out how the game is played and how the betting is done. This is a game that is worth persevering with because the odds of winning are pretty good and the payouts are solid. The best idea is to go to your local casino when it is a bit quieter so the staff have time to explain the game to you and show you the ropes.


An easy game to play, Blackjack also gives you the best odds of winning out of all casino table games. Unlike poker, with Blackjack you are only playing against the dealer (or the house). Research indicates that the probability of you winning at blackjack is somewhere between 40-50% on every hand that you play.


Of course with any type of casino game the house has an edge, so the key to being successful and taking some money home with you at the end of the night is to quit while you are ahead.

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