Intertops Offers a December “The Hobbit” Promotion

The Lord of the Rings trilogy marked the movie industry in a way few movies have done. Providing state of the art special effects and flawlessly adapting the outstanding novels of JRR Tolkien, these movies became a global phenomenon whose echoes can we heard till this day. In just a mere week, the world will witness the premiere of the most awaited movie of 2012.

Of course, we are talking about The Hobbit, based on a novel that functions as the prequel of The Lord of the Rings. Fanatics will get a chance to witness the adventures of a young Bilbo, Gandalf and 12 dwarfs as they cross mountains, swamps and other hazards in their search of a huge dragon that holds an incredible bounty.  But we are not here to talk about cinema, so let’s get to business…

Intertops $100,000 The Hobbit – Take the Journey

Intertops is doing its part to celebrate the release of the movie, offering a new promotion that will invigorate players to steal some dragon treasure for themselves. The so called “Intertops $100,000 The Hobbit – Take the Journey” gives any player the chance to win a maximum amount of $250 twice a week during December. The promotion ends with the dawn of 2013, so there is plenty of time to amass some money.

It wouldn’t be a full promotion without a dose of healthy competence. Players that achieve a high ranking on the scoreboard could take into their pocket 1.000 cash prize. Intertops advices players to get on with the adventure, remembering players Bilbo will need all the help he can get to get out in one piece of this adventure. Having fun with games at Intertops will provide you points. After concrete amounts of points, players will advance to a new level, opening the door to a nice prize.

Point Mechanics

$1,000 bets = 1 point
$500 profit = 1 point
$500 losses = 1 point

Players can expect the first winners announcement Tuesday January 8, after the announcement, the scoreboard will go back again to blank.

3 players – 6th level win =‘$1000 prize
3 players – 5th level win = $500 bonus
3 players – 4th level win = $400 bonus
3 players – 3rd level win = $300 bonus
3 players – 2nd level win = $200 bonus
3 players – 1st level win = $100 bonus

Winning Announcements & Requirements

The last winners announcements will be made Tuesday January 29. It surely marks a nice promotion to take into account in the dawn of 2013. If this wasn’t enough, there will be a free bonus. Each Monday during the promotion duration, taking into account the amount of actions made, 150 players will get a nice bonus. The amount of bonus will range between $20 and $250.

A minimum deposit of $25 is required to be eligible in the promotion. It’s a really small amount, considering the deposits many other promotions require.

You can click INTERTOPS and get on with the promo, it started only 5 days ago!

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