Is It Possible to Enhance Your Odds in Bingo?

Most people who frequent casinos understand that some games are all chance. Bingo players, for the most part, are no different. They recognize that their favourite game, the one that relies on balls being spun and plucked out at random, is just like that too.

But is that really the case? Or can you indeed have a strategy when it comes to bingo that enables you to make better decisions after the placing of a bet?

Here we take a look at the possibilities of enhancing your odds in bingo and arguing that it isn’t all down to chance.

First Things First

First a little reality. Playing bingo, even when you start with no deposit bingo, means you’re always going to be liable to the winds of chance and the happenings of luck. There really is little you can do to gain an edge in bingo. Nothing that’s likely to put you in the driving seat and on the way to success anyway.

That said, there are a few things that can definitely increase your odds of winning and see you edge out the competition. Despite it seeming hopeless and contradictory to say so.

The first thing you can do is a tactic rather than a strategy. It involves a very simple trick. Buying more cards in games. Especially in those that allow you to buy multiple cards, which, of course, you won’t have to search too high and low for if you stick to the reputable, safe sites.

Doing so enables you to increase your chances of winning the big payout, especially when other players are making hay with single cards.

How It Works

It works of course by increasing your odds. An example can be seen in playing a game with a $1 card where the maximum payout, and the one you stand the potential to win, is fixed at $500.

Buy one card and win and you’ve done well concerning the 500-1 odds. Buy two cards however, as this tactic entails, and you’ll cut those offs in half, to 250-1, and effectively double your chances of winning that all-important payout.

Now sure this strategy doesn’t really work in your favor given the fact you have to put up more money to play. Nor does it mean your expected value would be different to simply playing on one card. But it does increase your chances of winning.

What Else?

Outside of that tip there are still other things you can do to bump up your chances.

The auto-dauber feature is one such way. Turning it on and paying close attention to it will mean you’ll find it much more difficult to miss a call. Which can be incredibly important should you decide to play a game with multiple cards.

The same can be said for the chat games that happen alongside bingo in many online casinos. Sometimes, by answering quickly, you can win bonuses and extras by the mere ability of remaining attentive.

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