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It’s no casino news that physical presence casinos feature some of the best security systems in the whole world. These institutions face all sorts of individuals that want to get over the system and make the randomness that defines it… a non-random factor. Besides possible thefts to the casino, lies the chance of players getting robbed by opportunist folks that wander through casino floors searching for easy preys.

An Atmosphere made to Suspect

Combine millions of dollars, lots of glamour and the chance of getting a one night stand and one can just start to grasp the overall charm of casinos. Who can blame those that want to take freebies out of the casino life, as huge amounts of money move throughout them. Even so, some particular personality and appearance traits lift more eyebrows than others, which is the whole point of this article. None feels amazed when he reads some casino news of a great casino robbery, so… which are the main characteristics that the security within a casino searches out within its attendants?

Avoid Touching things too Much

Numerous behaviors make the security within a casino get fired up. Individuals that tend to touch the cards, dice or other games that involve some sort of equipment with both hands tend to arise the suspicion of the security, as they believe you have something more in your hands. If you keep your hands to yourself, you will likely be on the safe side. This also applies to your chip count in the table. Those individuals that nervously play with their chips or touch them regularly with no apparent motive likely being watched through the monitors.

Disturbance may lead to Grand Robbery

Another key thing that can make you resound throughout the casino security comes in the way of disturbance. Those players that are harassing or simply disturbing other players will get the spotlight immediately. Even if they will likely throw you out for lessening the experience to other players, it could also be all part of a tactic to trick out the system.  Finally, those players that put something other than casino equipment on a table will immediately draw the attention of the security department, as electronic devices used for cheating can come in almost any form.

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