Largest Casinos in Top Cities in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe happens to be home to really cool cities which are being visited by thousands, if not millions of people annually. There is a steady stream of tourists who are curious about the place and who are interested in uncovering more about this part of Europe. Nevertheless, this is not just an alternate skiing hub or a cheaper version of historical Europe as it can hold its own when it comes to attractions and gambling. For those who are seeking for a thrill in the casinos, it would be cool to know the best stops for those who are itching to try their hands while seeing this part of the continent. Here are some stops on various countries in the region for an enjoyable time at the table:

Czech Republic: Casino Admiral Colosseum

Anyone who has heard of Prague will surely love the place as it happens to be one of the most charming cities in the world. There is something about this city which makes it really attractive to different kinds of people. However, those who are into a gambling craze will certainly find this city cool as it is home to several casinos. Prague itself has 11 gambling facilities which cater to a wide array of clients. However, if you are looking for a premier gaming venue while in the country, it would be awesome to drop by Hate which is located between the border of Czech Republic and Austria, to try your luck in Casino Admiral Colosseum. Plus, the casino is near Excalibur city’s shopping outlet, making it a popular stopover for those who are day tripping in Austria.

Croatia: Miro Hotel and Casino Mira

The Adriatic Sea happens to be one of the most popular attractions in Croatia but it is not the only thing that makes this place attractive as there are a whole lot of reasons why it would be interesting to see what the country has to offer. As far as gamers are concerned, there are several casinos scattered all over the country but the highest concentration is in Zagreb. Among these casinos, the largest is Miro Hotel and Casino Miro. This casino can be found in Plovanija but the opening hours are not round the clock, it is only from 8pm to 3 am. There are also more casinos to choose from should you decide to try your luck in other places in the country.

Romania: Planet Princess Slot Casino

Romania happens to have a reputation that precedes it as it is often depicted as the home of count Dracula. There are a lot of stories which is surrounding this country but no one can deny that it has a certain charm that makes it an attractive place to drop by when you are in Eastern Europe. The country has its fair share of attractions despite its seemingly haunted portrayal in Hollywood films. Among your choices when you are in the country is the Planet Princess Slot Casino which is dominated by slot machines. Located in Bucharest, Romania, you can choose from the 300 slot machines which are conveniently at your disposal.


Europe may seem to be dominated by a lot of popular cities such as Paris and London but there are also locations which are perfect for those who would like to combine their trips with a bit of an experience in the gaming tables. No one can deny that there is a certain thrill in betting against people from a new place. Of course, assessing your limits is also important and you should know when to quit the game and when to push forward.

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