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It’s no casino news that Las Vegas is a pillar of the gaming industry. The city has some of the greatest and most prestigious casinos in the world.  Once you enter inside its premises, you are greeted with lights and joyous sounds, in a full blown extravaganza that defines this city as the casino core of the world. Until now, players had to go to casinos to live the so called “Vegas Experience”, but this has changed, at least for more, let say… powerful players.

Tunberry Dream

At the Tunberry Towers, a one of a kind condominium is for sale. There is a mega jackussi, huge tv and all the items you would expect from the size of it. But there is a catch… it comes with a complete casino inside. There are 10 slots, each one different from the next, a craps table, a blackjack table and much more. For those with a deep pocket and in the lookout to refine their casino tricks inside their own home, this is the place to live.

As it can be seen, this is no ordinary penthouse, and has become since pretty publicized in the media. Zar Zagnaeh, owner of this one of a kind monster shared. “We’ve sold the most expensive penthouse three years in a row and hopefully this will be the next one.

Spectacular Prize Tag

If you are a player and you are currently looking for a new home in Las Vegas, I heavily recommend you consider the condominium in the Tunberry Towers. The thing is, start playing some progressive slots, as the jackpot you will need to pay the condominium is no little feat. It costs 8,9 million dollars, number that will inspire many to continue playing at casinos and not at home.

Zanganeh comments “”This is at the very top tier,” We only have one penthouse that compares to this…but it doesn’t have anything unique like this one with the casino feature.”

For those looking for more casino news related to real estate, we will do our best to cover this mega homes for mega players. Always consider that the best slot played, is the one you play at home after having a nice breakfast

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