Learn your Slots lingo

Slots, like all other sports have its own specific lingo defining it. In soccer, we have terms such of offside, free kick, and so on. In rugby, we have a scrum, a try among others. The bottom line is that if you have an interest in an activity, it is imperative that you must learn the vocabulary associated with it. The same is true for slots, the more you learn its lingo, the better it becomes for you, more so if you are a beginner. Here are some common slots lingoes.

Slots reel

The number of reels (wheels) that shows in a slot machine. A standard slot machine has between three to five slots.

Random number generator (RNG)

A Software in a slot machine that randomly selects numbers in seconds. Pushing or pulling the button in a slots machine activates the random number generator.

Slots schedule

Data posted in front of slots machines explaining what denomination and wins amounts are possible in a slot machine.

Slots testing

Playing through a set of given coins without actually utilizing the accumulated credits while keeping track of the slots drop and hold with an aim of deciding a session payout percentage for a given slot.


A row made up of similar slots machines.


The blank is also known as a ghost. It refers to an empty space between two symbols.

Casino house Advantage

The Advantage a casino holds in any given bet. On average, casino edge range from 5% to 15% depending on the type of slot game you select to play. In reference to the casino advantage on slots,  in this article you can find many details about your real odds.

A hold

Sum difference of what a slot machine takes and what it must pay out as stipulated by law. This usually determines the profit margin of a casino.


Top prize won in a slot machine. Jackpot can be won in either progressive or fixed slots machines.

Hot slot

A slots machine that payouts frequently.

Loose slot

A machine having more winning symbols on its reels or appears to return a larger payout.

Maximum bet

Maximum amount, a player can make in a single spin. In many situations, this is the only path if a player is to win a jackpot. Its imperative to have information regarding when is most suitable to go for it.

Multi –line slots

Slot machine with more than one pay line, some machines have up to fifty pay lines. Just recently we posted a review of this particular kind of slots.


A table that displays a winning combination or symbols in addition to their respective payouts with respect to the number of coins wagered.

Payback percentage

A percentage of what a slot machine racks after paying out to players. For example, if a slot machine payback is 94% it means that it pays out 94% to players and had an advantage of 4%

Progressive slots

As the name suggests, this name grows progressively, each time a bet is made. Each play increases the jackpot.

Rhythm method

A technique used by some players with an objective of determining the number of spins in a machine. Since each machine is made to dictate results, this strategy has no bearing to the result of a spin.

Tight slot

A slot machine that gives a lower payout and has fewer winning symbols on its reels.

Wild symbol

Substitute symbol for a winning symbol.

Winning spin

A spin attained because of combination of symbols appearing on the reels causing the slot machine to make a payout.

Sound of rain

Sound indicating that a winning combination has been hit. This sound is made by dropping coins into a holder.

Scatter symbol

Symbol that appears anywhere on the reels, scatter symbols need not be on any specific pay line to trigger a win. The winning scatter symbols also do vary from one game to another.

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