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Its no casino news that when someone talks about gambling or casino games probably the image of Las Vegas will land in your mind. However, the so called ‘Sin City’ has been facing serious competence as the capital of sin in the world. Being overtaken by a powerful region that as of today, is growing by leaps: Macau, the eastern empire of casinos.

Asia Gambling Power

The south of China has become a colossal pillar of the gambling industry. The gaming industry and gambling in this region, in the south of China, reported revenues of 38.100 billion dollars in 2012, according to Monday’s Inspection and Coordination Bureau of the Game. This figure marks huge casino news, a new record in this industry. Also an increase of 13.5% compared to the figures recorded in 2012. This means Las Vegas indeed should try to step up its game, as the competence actively tries to raise up the bar in casino commodities and offerings.

Macao Reign

The boom of the casinos in this former Portuguese colony began in 2002. “Only two years later, this special administrative region was ahead of Las Vegas, becoming the largest market for casinos. In 2012 generated more than five times more than its U.S. rival, “said the casino news portal International Business Times. Macau, located near Hong Kong, has 35 casinos. These are owned by 6 companies. The construction site was inspired by Las Vegas. However, special attention was made to details on the design, as to improve common flaws that Las Vegas presents. This along with many other factors, have contributed in making Macao the new capital of gambling.

Las Vegas reign could be Over

For the prestigious International Business Times casino news section, “Las Vegas has become something of a synonym for the global recession, with flat revenues and increased unemployment. Many casino operators based there, now go ahead with its expansion plans in Macau, where the majority of reported earnings. ”

Also, for half the advantages mentioned Eastern Empire Game on ‘Sin City’ are obvious. “Macau is a 5 hour flight of about 3 billion people, 315 million compared to having near Las Vegas. It also exposes a more serious look about the game. ”

“It’s ridiculous to call Macau the Las Vegas of Asia. Las Vegas is the Macao of America “, told IBTimes Al Merschen, the representative of the Macau tourist office in the United States. This by many could be taken for a bald statement but… is it really that farfetched? Could it be really the beginning of the supremacy of Macao?

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