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Madder Scientist – Deranged free online casino games!

March 12, 2013 51 0

Just how many online casino games let you become a mad scientist? Well, if we are honest with you, we only know one, one that even lets you play for free. Joining our free online casino games program we have Madder Scientist, developed by grand masters Betsoft. The game boosts incredible animations, very funny graphics, bonus features that will make your head spin and an awesome presentation.

Madder Scientist Design

Few online casino games can call their design their greatest draw their design, as almost any theme is incredibly used by now. Madder Scientist with its “Crazy Science Guy” atmosphere provides a completely original experience from a visual perspective, already making it stand its ground from tons of others online casino games. Symbols include your typical cliché lab stuff, like switches, potions, lab tools and an incredibly attractive assistant, which will make your head spin. Combine this with some state of the art cartoony effects and effects and you hill surely have find one of your favorite online casino games.

How to play it

Even if the game involves a crazy scientist, the game doesn’t require you to be a genius or Einstein to be able to play. This 5-reel, 30-payline is very easy to use, just make your bet and spin the reels and wait for the action to unfold. One of the special features that make this game stand from other online casino games is that it lets the player do extra spins on single reels. The cost of doing this varies between reels and you can easily see this value by scrolling on top of the reels.

Everlasting Vale & Free Slots!

What makes Madder Scientist one of the top online casino games is its playing value. It is a game that it doesn’t get old, by all means; it gets more and more fun. The game has all the elements to make it a favorite: superb jackpots, incredible presentation and great bonuses. In addition, today we let you try for free for as long as you like, courtesy of 777 casino. Enjoy!

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