Major changes announced following WSOP conference call

WSOP has announced major changes in its rules following a hour-long conference call on Tuesday May 8th. The hour long conference call mainly dealt on the expectations of the 2012 WSOP events including the scheduled addition of the WSOP APAC event scheduled to take place in Australia. After the call, the following changes were announced:

Change on the No talking about your hand rule

The “no talking about your hand rule” was one of the most contentious rules of the year 2011. The rule inspired by Jamie Gold has been scrapped completely in the coming season. Players will now be allowed to say anything they feel like concerning their hand provided that it falls under the following criterion:

• The talking player is not capable of reopening the action

• The player is prohibited from exposing his or her hand to other players

The main reason for revoking this rule is to bring back the verbal strategy of the game in addition to lightening up the atmosphere

Rule on excessive celebration

WSOP also agreed to ease on the rule concerning excessive celebration. In the coming season players will be allowed to express their victories within an “acceptable” reason. What type of vocal celebration and what form of excessive celebration will earn a player a penalty is the discretion of WSOP staff overseeing the events.

Other issues discussed

• It was agreed that there will be a tribute to the poker legend Amarillo slim, but a plan for a formal tribute for the legend was not elaborated

• That the Chris Ferguson’s WSOP championship banner will not be taken down

• A change effected in the computer system will now see players receive rewards points instead of the tradition food vouchers offered to players. The reward points will be based on the tournament fees paid.

• A media guide is scheduled to be released in two weeks time

• Every bracelet event will be streamed live however, stream by ESPN will delay by fifteen minutes

• Addition of more space. For example the 92-table Brazilia room will now join the Pavilion and the Amazon Rooms. In total 420 rooms will be dedicated to the WSOP event and a further five hundred poker tables when the cash game table and the Rio poker rooms are added.

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