Martingale roulette approach – Why doesn’t it work?

The Martingale approach is one of the most famous tricks in the casino business. Applicable in both online casinos and land based casinos, this approach or trick is the protagonist of many stories related to the world of gambling. In this article, we will shed some light on the matter, to see if there is real substance within the Martingale approach.

Mechanics of Martingale

This method consists in doubling your bets when you lose, to always retrieve more money than the one lost. In the present, many players still apply by this method, waiting for that mega win. However, chances are that the Martingale approach will not get you rich in any casino. This method is usually applied to games of chance type two-on-one and roulette (playing Red / Black, Even / Odd or similar). One of the possible consequences of utilizing this system is that it sometimes you will be able to make some money after several bets, which can be attributed to the constant double bet.   Even as this method may seem an obvious way to win, even becoming a daily habit with many players repeating it over and over, it will eventually cease to work. The casino news here ladies and gentlemen, is that the house will always win in the long run and this can be explained with the following factors:

Table Betting Limit

The main factor behind the defectiveness of this method is the betting limit. Each table at in any casino or online casinos presents a limit to which the player can bet. Once it is achieved, goodbye method and probabilities. Should this happen before the win, it is an all-around loosing scenario for the player.

Monetary Investment

The second factor comes with the money involved in this scheme. Every player has a finite amount of money, so if the losing streak continues, at some point doubling won’t be possible. Even if you do achive an optimal Roulette Money Management, which is serously reccomended to any roulette player, were this scenario to happen, the player will end up with no money at all and a frustrated look on his face

Naive Casino Industry?

The third actor resides in how a player sees the casino industry as a whole. They would never let such method abide if it did work. Measures would have been taken in order to prevent it. This system has been known for centuries. The only casino news players would find in a casino blog such is this would be reports of casinos going broke. The world would be full of rich people and pigs would probably fly. But the reality is quite different: the casinos are still making money, roulette has a profit margin that is always in favor of the banks (by the presence of 0 and 00) and the fact is that the casinos allow players to use the unwary martingale and other systems to lose their money. For closure, let just say that it is in land based casinos and online casinos in general best interest, for the continual belief and faith in such methods.

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