Master Degree in Casino Slang

Casinos could be described as a tiny country. A master degree in casino slang is a must to understand  its citizens, interacting in an idiom that is only learnt by gaming regularly. For outsides, many words of these vocabulary will seem distant, but don’t worry; we may become too broke to bet, but never to old to learn. We welcome to you one class you wont forget, so you finally get that master degree in casino language. It will be a diploma that probably wont make your parents too proud.. but lets face it, who cares.


Is the act of playing an amount of money on any kind of casino game, in the hopes of duplicate or increase that amount. As with everything, there are certian measures players have to take at the time of betting.


The crupier is the person who has been tasked with assisting and controlling the aspects of most table games. The players at the table will respond to the crupier, as he is the master orchestrator of the table experience. Generally croupiers are nice and fast people. With fast we mean that if you let them go at their own rhythm, you will have  an empty bank account in no time.

Play for fun

Just like it sounds, to play for fun means you are playing with the risk of only hurting your pride. There is no money involved. This way helps a lot if you want to practice  or get the hang of a game before betting money in it. We reccomend to everyone that faces a new game to play for the fun of it before betting money, having a grasp of the experience can really make the difference.


The jackpot are the big spoils and the dream of every casino player. Jackpots can go from large sums of money to never needing to work again. The funny thing of jackpots is that there are cases of persons that randomly enter a casino, without any idea of the rules, play a game and Bingo. The chances of that happening are very slim, but it does occur.

Progressive games

The particularity of these games is that the jackpot or main pot grows progressively depending on the bets that will receive. The classic example of these are Progressive Slot Machines, where many have a huge pot, just waiting for a lucky player.


To deposit means to enter the casino and simply doings bets with the casino currency, the most basic action of a casino.


The cashier is where you make money transactions inside the casino, may it be deposits or withdrawals. If you get to win a huge jackpot, is where you will go running to claim your rightful money.

That’s enough teaching for a day. Knowledge is power they say ¡take advantage of this terms and start playing those chips!

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