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In one of the most interesting casino news of 2013, there is a case of a man that took luck rituals to a whole another level.  Some individuals take a small lucky charm, like a pendant. Others take their loved one, as they believe that the strength of love is enough to conquer the world of gambling. However, another group of individuals believe in the power of temptation, so they masturbate.

In Argentina it was reported that a 39 years old homeless man, was arrested after being caught masturbating. A player reported to the casino staff after noticing suspicious movements of the man. The man admitted he was masturbating while spinning the reels of the slot machine, believing it would bring him good luck.

Masturbation as a Lucky Charm

The direct result was that he was thrown out of a game room in Buenos Aires, after which they arrested him for sexual offense. The homeless man said he didn’t wanted to be a burden to other people, but playing online casino slots while masturbating had brought him good luck in the past. He decided to seek his luck again because it was losing money while spinning the reels of the slot machine in the casino.

“People should look after their own gambling machine, rather than watch me! said the man caught red-handed.”

Hard Luck in Jail

It is unclear at this time what punishment the man will receive. He now faces a heavy fine or even a conviction for indecent exposure. Anyway, the masturbation session brought good luck this time since he lost about 350 pesos while masturbating. Here at Casino Cheers we advise players that they recur to more safe lucky charms when playing on physical presence casinos, as masturbating, healthy as it can be, can be bad seen by fellow players. In other words, players shouldn’t show up their “goods” to a wide gambling audience.

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