Mathematics Slots and Knowledge

It’s all about Mathematics… or almost. Contemporaneous slot machines work based on computer software, which basically assigns winning combinations randomly. Odds and chances fall within the parameters set by the manufacturing enterprise. This mechanical device works employing three, four, five or sometimes even more circular reels, each with its respective dimensions. These reels, work with a given symbol, which can be painted or directly attached to it. There are many designs, but the most regular ones are either Cherries, Barts, the jackpot Symbol, or Number 7. You can even find thematic machines, which work with symbols related to particular subjects. Thousands, millions of spins are done internally by the slot machine, at an outstanding speed, whose result is given to you within few seconds.

Today, in mathematics slots and knowledge, we are going to share some information with you, experienced slots player, or new soul to the game. They say that knowledge is power, in fact, knowledge is a key pillar in slot gaming. If you know how your enemy works and reacts, you will always stand a better chance. In order to ease an activity, one must work and study a bit… so here we leave you our grain of sand on Slot Machine Strategy.

Three Reels vs. Four Reels

We all know that the common sense usually ends up being the less common of them all, but hey, who knows. According to the given name of these slots, you may conclude at least you have better chance lining up three matching symbols than four. Of course, spoils will be reduced, but remember the golden key of Chance Games “Play safe and know when to quit”. To get four matching symbols is hard, even if you are playing on liberal Video Poker. There is higher chance of getting three 7′s more often than four 7′s playing on a Four-Reel Machine. So here is your first advice, go for the Three Reel machines.

Progressive Slot-Machines

These ones are usually Four-Reel machines with the peculiarity that each one plays based on an open-ended jackpot, which increases the value after each pull within a group of machines linked to each other. The mythical top jackpot (tends to be a number that defines heaven on earth) can only be won, in the case that the maximum number of coins is played in concordance with the correct matching of all the winning symbols. These ones don’t pay that many times, the advice here would be: pick a Progressive Slot with great levels of Primary and Secondary jackpots.

Two-Coin vs. Three-Coin Machines

Next we have the dilemma, two-coin machines against three-Coin Machines. When you are playing the second-coin, your chances of having a nicer earning will increase considerably, likely more than just the double.

On the other hand, the three-coin will give you higher payoffs for the biggest jackpots with the three coins played out. That’s marketing, isn’t it? Well, I know, bigger payoffs always seem better, but you will have to bet a lot more of money to get something back. The best advice I can give you is, always go for the maximum number of coins. Otherwise, you aren’t maximizing you winnings, that’s simple mathematics slots and knowledge at the end of the day.

Next time, I will provide some tidbits on One Payline vs Three Paylines and Double-Up Symbols. It you want to know more on other strategies so you improve your game,  click on thefollowing link.

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