Maximum bet – when is it most suitable?

Should you, or should you not hit the maximum bet button, is one of the most debated topics in slots both online and offline. One school of thought has it that the higher the bet, the more the gain, while the other school of thought argue that it is always wise to take caution, and bet small to prevent losses. You also need to take into account the huge amount of false information or slot machines myths out there, many factors converge besides the betting amount. For beginners, the Maximum bet refers to the maximum amount of credits or coins that a player can make in a single spin. In an attempt to answer which is the best way to go, we will review on whether it is wise to make a maximum bet on the different types of slots available.

Progressive slots

The rule of thumb when playing progressive slots is to always make the maximum bet. If you want to hit a jackpot playing progressive slots, it is necessary that you make the maximum bet. There is not two way about it, if you bet for less, you automatically forfeit your chance of winning a jackpot.  If you are not comfortable making a maximum bet, then do not play progressive slots. If you click here you will find some important tips on choosing the correct progressive slot machine.

Five reel and video slots

There are many variations available in five reel and video slots and it is not always advisable to make a maximum bet unless you are playing a progressive slots. This is advised because you can bet more than a coin per line. As an example, a twenty-line slot having options of ten coins per line can have a two hundred coin maximum bet. This means that even a penny coin size will yield a $2 per spin.

Multi-line slots

When playing a multi-line slot with more than one pay line, it is recommended that you always play for a maximum bet. This is because each additional coin will activate an extra pay line. It is imperative to note that in multi-lines, jackpots can be found in given pay line and if you happen to pay for a limited value then your chance of winning them is diminished.

Bonus feature slots

Bonus feature slots are a flexible game without any rules on the betting amount. In some situations, it is important to make a maximum bet to be eligible for a jackpot, and in some situations, you need not do this. As advice, make it a point of reading the payout to see it the maximum payout is a must to be eligible for a jackpot.

Classic slots

A maximum bet is not always necessary when playing classic slots. As an example, you might have a game paying a thousand for one coin, two thousand for two and five thousand for a maximum reward of three coins. In such a case, an extra coin you bet will give you an extra three thousand coins.

Final thought

If you are not playing on a limited budget, it is always advisable that you make a maximum bet, since the more you “put in” the greater is the reward. Selecting a maximum payout is always a guarantee for maximum payout if you win a jackpot. So next time you visit a casino, do not hesitate to hit the maximum button, you just never know if it will be your lucky day. Another advantage of a maximum button although not significant is that it automatically sets the reel spinning without the need to clicking separately.

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