Meet the top women in WSOP

The game of poker is male dominated. The top money earners are men, and the same can be said when we look at the poker hall of fame list. On the other hand, Women poker is growing gradually, and if recent trends are anything to go by, then it is just a matter of time before women poker players play in the same level, and indeed command respect like their male counterparts. However, this statement sometimes could be tricky, as online casinos and poker rooms allow people to uncover their real identity, and therefore gender, making difficult sometimes to know if there is women or male behind a successful player.

The fast-growing online casinos allow people from different genders and countries to allocate time to start practising with little investments, enabling beginners to level their performances before jumping into international tournaments. From our experience, we recommend the popular website which provides a large-scale secure interface, ideal to start practising and becoming familiar with big tournaments. Its poker room PartyPoker is one of the most popular platform in the web and home of some of the most successful and renowned players worldwide.

Having said that, and in middle of the passion and anxiety for next WSOP 2012, this article introduces you to some of the big names in the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad, a Norwegian professional poker player holds the record as the youngest person to win the WSOP bracelet in 2007 aged only 19. In the process walking home with cash prize of £1,000,000 (approximately $2 million dollars). Her interest in poker began when she was only fifteen years of age. Playing under the screen name of “Annette_15” she has progressively grown in the game to become one of the most formidable names in women poker. In 2010, she signed with Full Tilt poker as one of the members of the elite team. Her total earnings to date tops $3,318,047 an impressive sum by any standards. Give her young age; she is definitely a name to watch in the coming days.

Annie Duke

Annie, who comes from an educational background, is an accomplished academic in addition to being one of the top women in poker. At 46 years, she has learnt all the skills required for playing poker having started playing at the age of 22. She excels well at the game of Omaha 8. Her moment of came in 2004 when she won the WSOP in the process earning a prize of $2,000,000 million. In 2010, she was at the top of the charts in the National Heads-up poker championship taking home a cash prize of $500,000. She famously tutored the 2004 California state poker champion Hollywood actor Ben Affleck. Her total earnings are in the excess of $2,157,246. She prides herself as being a mother and a top poker player.

Kathy Liebert

With total winning in the excess of $5,477,576 Kathy Liebert aged 44, can confidently say that “I have been there, and done it”. Her favorite poker game is the No limit Hold’em. Her flag flew high at the 2004 world series of poker when she won the gold bracelet in the $1,500 limit Texas hold’em Shootout event. She is also a shrewd financial investor. She resides in the state of California.

Jennifer Harman Traniello

Having been introduced to Poker at the tender age of eight years, Jennifer has since matured in the game to play at the highest level possible. Today she is among the most respected and feared poker players. A Bachelor of Biology degree holder and a mother of two, Jennifer has won two Bracelets and raked in $2,541,187 in the course of her career.

Cyndy Violette

Cyndy violette also known by her nickname “Ultra” was first introduced into poker playing poker with her family as a child. She focused more on poker when she came of age, and this began the long journey of modeling her to being the player she is today. Her favorite game is the No limit holdem. Her total wins since she began playing professional poker is $1,037,347. She lists Ophrah winfrey as her favorite role model.

Maria Ho

Maria Ho is one few elite women to play poker throughout the world and register impressive results. Currently, she is ranked number twelve in the world. In 2007, she earned the unofficial tag of the “last woman standing” as the only woman remaining in the WSOP main event she eventually finished 38th and for her efforts earned $237,865. For a woman who started playing professional poker in 2002, and so far having an impressive total wins of $1,210,222 the future looks bright for the 22 year old.

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