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It’s no casino news that Google is one of the most profitable enterprises in the world, with a net value that surpasses the incredible figure of 1 billion dollars.  However, it seems that even the ideas of giants can sometimes fall; GM Resort and Caesars Palace have announced that they will ban the use of the Google Glass, the latest technologic offering of Google, will be banned in its facilities, as it is not legal to make recordings inside.

Breached Privacy?

For some establishments like 5 Point Café in Seattle, the use of these glasses violates the privacy of other customers as they can be recorded and very discreetly photographed by the wearer of these glasses. This new gadget from Google is stirring controversy just as happened with the advent of video and photo cameras on mobile devices. But, really, do they violate the privacy of others?

MGM Resort  issued on a statement that Google glasses violate the right to privacy of customers and any other recording device or capture photos inside the premises of their casinos are totally forbidden. This means that the Google glasses would follow, as they fall under those categories.


Therefore, representatives of MGM Resort commented that “security personnel asked individually to customers to not take pictures that could comprise the privacy of others in the casinos” adding that “this new product is nothing new in terms of opportunities for us because for years there are small cameras “. Since their inception, there have been many casino news about the discontent of numerous casinos with the utilization of Google Glasses.

However, Caesars Palace goes further and notes that they are prohibited by the law governing the state of Nevada. Casino representatives commented, “The Nevada gaming regulation prohibits the use of computers or recording equipment while playing. As a result we cannot allow players to use the Google Glass “.

No Signals of Utilization

Another source of controversy surrounds the fact that Google goggles have a recording system as well as sophisticated software that come with no sound or light signal when it is activated. This means the hardware can be on at any time recording anyone. Different groups are under discussion on its use in public places because no one will know if you are being photographed or recorded. We will give more casino news on the subject as they appear, as it is likely other big casinos start prohibiting Google Glasses.

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