Microgaming unleashes ¡Max Damage!

Earlier this this week, software developer Microgaming has once again proven its place as the most innovative online casino developer around. They have achieved this by releasing the first arcade online casino game in the web. Carrying the name of Max Damage and the Alien Attack, this is not your typical Facebook Videogame like Rocket Frog, where the joy comes of clicking and not investing too much thought. This is the kind of game ideal for online casino players in search of something outside the box, while attempting to do some money and have fun.

New Experience

Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a shooting game seen from an upward perspective. With your keyboard you will be able to control a space ship, battling all kinds of evils. While you do this, you will be able to gaze upon quality graphics, which will enrich the experience. Reflexes will be tested and getting quick decisions will be imperative. Videogame enthusiasts, trust us, this will be your cup of tea.

Life, Weapons and Spoils

The game begins with six lives, but the game gives you chances to win more. While travelling the levels, the player will face many kinds of alien battleships and shall attempt to destroy them. The space ships primary weapons are kind of week, so many upgrades plague the levels. You will be able to fire from tiny beams to unleashing a furious thunder storm upon your alien enemies.  Each weapon with its own sound effect, while listening to the frantic soundtrack on the background, while prove this game to be a special experience to the online casino player.

As you collect weapons, your coin share will increase dramatically. You can even get 110,000 coins for sending an alien boss to oblivion. Bosses are found at the end of leach level. Each payout will be based upon the number of coins you get, randomly awarding the player.

Online Board

Of course, this wouldn’t be enough to make players jump into the game, as there is no real competence. Microgaming has a plan for those players looking for the adrenaline of healthy competition, creating a top player score board. Here you will find the top players, the dates where they achieved that sum of points and more. With enough effort, it could be your name up there.

Microgaming publicly stated, “Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a radical departure from the conventional slot format and we’re very excited about the potential for this new arcade-style game.” They also said that if this experiment is probes a successes, they will attempt doing more of this arcade style casino games.

Head to Vegas Palm Casino, where the game is presently live, and ¡start your own legend towards the top place of the score board!

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