Minding Your Casino Manners: How to Act Properly Inside the Casino

Know the game you are playing.

Nothing is more annoying than having a dealer stop every few minutes or so just to coach a newbie through the rules of a game. If you don’t know anything about poker, then don’t even try sitting on a poker table where the pros are playing. Read up about the game, learn its jargon, know its etiquette. For example: playing blackjack in a casino requires you to have knowledge about the various hand signals that players use to indicate how they want to play their cards. Play a few games with friends first before trying out the real thing.

Don’t be an obnoxious casino-goer.

Be considerate of fellow casino patrons. For smokers: While casinos usually don’t ban smoking on game tables, not all people appreciate having smoke blown in their faces while they play.

For parents with kids: First off, kids do not belong inside a casino. But if you must bring your children along, make sure to keep them occupied with a toy or handheld game console so that they won’t bother other people inside the casino hall.
For people who just won a jackpot: We get it; you just won something. Keep the celebrations down to a minimum and never count your winnings out in the open. Pickpockets and thieves sometimes roam casino halls, and it’s never a good idea to draw attention to yourself with these shady characters around.

Mind your own business.

It is perfectly okay to watch an ongoing table game. What’s not okay is distracting the dealers or player by throwing out unwanted advice, side comments, and insults.

Learn proper etiquette at table games.

Table games like poker, blackjack, and craps often have their own protocol regarding proper behavior. For example, it is good manners to keep your hands visible on the table at all times. Touching game equipment, other players’ chips, and chips that you’ve already put into play, is taboo. Casinos are very strict Chips should be placed squarely in the center of their specified playing circle or square so that the dealer will know that they are in play.

Touching cards with two hands is also a big no-no. Newbies or people who are used to online casinos are often guilty of this habit. Table etiquette also dictates that players shouldn’t reach over the table. When you want to reach out for something but it’s too far away, have the dealer help you. Casinos are very strict about player actions that can pave the way for cheating, so expect the dealer, or even worse, the casino security, to call you out if you keep on repeating these habits.

Tip generously.

Don’t be stingy when it comes to tipping. Tips form a huge part of the take-home pay of dealers, bartenders, waiters/waitresses, servers, and other casino workers. Even if you’re on a losing streak, make sure to tip your dealer a even just a small token amount just to show your appreciation for his/her work.

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