New Jersey casino news – Interstate Gambling going live!

The USA casino news scene comes with a very interesting update today. New Jersey has officially announced that they plan to offer their online gambling services to the whole country, instead of only remaining in the state. Of course they aren’t going to win Nevada, the key state when it comes to online gambling in USA, but the plan of New Jersey could easily revolutionize the scene, taking the matter to a national level.

Interstate Gambling

On Monday, a house panel of New Jersey gave the Ok on a bill that permits the gambling services to not only be used by residents of New Jersey, but to players all around the US. This bill still has to go through the Senate, but experts on the matter feel optimistic on the matter. As we said before, if this bill comes to life, the future of the online gambling industry in the US will change forever.

Many states earlier in 2012 approved an online gambling regulation law, but only pertaining the states in particular. New Jersey would be the first one to allow interstate gambling on the web, so this casino news has made many US companies about the future. Atlantic City casinos, the companies that would benefit from this, must remember that the so called “interstate gambling” must go in accordance to federal laws.

An update is needed

As of today, federal laws aren’t constructed to deal with this kind of gambling, making this casino news a huge surprise. Legal experts gave their input on the matter, commenting that it is something new to see a state challenge the federal law attempting to open an online casino which would allow players from all the states.  Players all around the US have expressed that the laws behind the gambling scene need an urgent update to keep up with the present needs of players and casinos.  Not to long ago we provided coverage to an industry analysis, that very well explains the anxiety behind players and casinos to have new laws that abide the growth of the online casino industry.

Of course, for this to come to reality there is a long way. The Senate must approve this new legislation, while Chris Christie must sign off the bill. The Governor has already expressed his lack of enthusiasm on the gambling bill, but he now comments that if the bill takes into account the protections marked by the law, he will approve it.

In the last years, New Jersey has shown its enthusiasm over expanding their gaming industry. This new resolution of this state will surely change the online casino scene over the US.

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