Nominations open for Women in Poker Hall of Fame

The Women in Poker Hall of fame has opened nomination for the 2012 inductees. The induction ceremony is scheduled to take place on August 31st 2012, at the Golden Nugget Casino Ballroom in Vegas. This will be the fourth time that the induction ceremony will be held. The first induction ceremony was held in 2008, and has since been held yearly.

High Bar

Just like all inductions, the bar has been set very high for candidates aspiring to have this honor. The Women in Poker Hall of fame (WiPHoF), has the following as the prerequisite for nomination:

• The candidate must have been an active poker player or a leader in the poker industry for the last fifteen years.

• The candidate must have positively contributed significantly to the poker industry either through winning of major tournaments, or other notable contribution to the poker fraternity.

• The candidate must have demonstrated that they are proponents of the enhancement of Women’s poker, and even though the candidate doesn’t play in women’s events, she must demonstrate full support for its enhancement

• The candidate should be over the age of 35 years.

• Other qualifications considered includes: candidate’s integrity, personal character, playing ability, and sportsmanship.

The voting process

Once the all the nominees names have been received, the onus now fall on the Screening committee to settle on the most qualified candidates to be inducted. The Screening committee is made up of past inductees, selected members of the media fraternity, and members of the WiPHOF board. According to the voting rule, electors can vote for up to 4 eligible candidates. At the end of the voting process, candidate who receive 75% of the votes cast are inducted to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. The Election results are certified by a threshold of three members of WiPHOF, and the same transmitted to the chairman of the board.

Possible inductees

Women poker has grown in leaps and bounds in the couple of years, and as years goes by, it is increasingly difficult to identify with certainty women who will be inducted given the sheer number of qualified players, and leaders active in the Women poker industry. That said, the following names stands out:

Dianna Donofrio-Trigatzi

After learning poker from her late father, Diana was to embark on a journey that was to make her one of the most respected names in the Poker industry. Currently she is the director of player relations at

Kathy Raymond

Kathy, a resident of Las Vegas, is an accomplished woman in the poker industry. Her moment of fame came in 2009 when she was 20th at the WSOP H.O.R.S.E event out of a total of 770 players.

Lucy Rokach

A citizen of England, Lucy Rokach is one of the top European Poker players. Lucy is a recipient of the 2003 European Poker award for lifetime achievement. This follows her wins in the winter festival of Dublin, in 2001, and 2003. She is a regular commentator at the Poker channel.

Maureen Feduniak

Maureen Feduniak is a retired hotel administrator, but she is definitely not ready to retire from the poker scene. Her greatest achievement was finishing fourth at the Poker Million II WPT held in 2003.

Joanne “J. J.” Liu

Joanne Liu fondly known as “JJ” is the highest placing women in a World Poker Tour championship event. By the year, 2008, her total winnings were in excess of $1,700,000.

This are just but some suggestion, you nominate your preferred nominees at

Watch this space, as we will definitely be the first to inform you on the inductees come August.

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