Ongoing investigation regarding Phil Ivey 7.3 million win

In the poker world, the name Phil Ivey is one most of us players know. The 35 year old Californian is already a legend of poker and at his young age, he still has a long run to go. Usually we find his name in headlines referred to championships or competitions, but today, we have an occurrence well beyond those two.

Today we have the ongoing investigation of the huge win Phil Ivey may have won in an illegal manner of £7.3 million. Crockfords, the exclusive Mayfair gaming club and the oldest private gaming club in the world, presented a report to the Gambling Commission on the refusal to pay Ivey. These kinds of events were more common two decades, but now they are pretty strange happenings. Sources describe the situation as very tense, as we are talking at a world renowned player.

Controversial Win

Phil Ivey entered the premises of the casino joined by a gorgeous Oriental woman and started playing Punto Banco. Punto Banco is a popular variant of baccarat. While playing, he had an incredible streak, getting to the succulent amount of £7.3 million. Ivey played for at least seven hours, during the bank holiday in August. After the win, the money was supposed to be transferred to the bank account of Ivey, but six weeks later, the money he got were £1 million stake, the money he initially bet.

Ongoing Investigation

Instead of getting a huge win, Ivey is facing a complete investigation. All the staff present that day, even the croupier, had to face long interviews, fearing foul play. Behind the ongoing investigation, lawyers of both parties involved are engaged in really tense conversations, trying to settle the whole thing. On one side, we have the fear of foul play, considering the chance of accusing a public figure of cheating. On the other we have a great player, which may be the victim of a casino trying to not give him his righteous payment.

Experts from all around the world assisted to give their vision on the matter. Cards and even the clothes of Ivey were investigated, but in the present, nothing proving foul play has been found. No formal accusations have been made, which furthers intensifies the tension regarding the whole thing. Something that didn’t help was the discovery of the suspension of the Texas Holdem Poker  expert membership in other Mayfair casino.

A representative of Crockford said to the media: As a private club we put great store on the confidentiality of the relationship between ourselves and our client and we therefore have no comment to make.’

We will keep you posted if anything should arise, Phil Ivey is a hero to many of us around here.

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