Online Bingo Rules for beginners

Learning Bingo rules is the first step towards learning how to play the game of Online Bingo. It will interest you to know that, bingo rules are very simple to learn and internalize. Bingo rules vary slightly depending on the game format chosen since there are two types of Bingo’s available: the American version and the British version.  This article will detail the rules governing both versions of the game. But first, it is imperative to list some general rules applicable to the aforementioned versions.

Online Bingo Rules applying to both versions of the game include

• Bingo is considered a form of gambling, and as a rule of thumb, all players must be at least 18 years of age.
• Reserving of specific games during play is prohibited.
• If a player has the correct pattern, it is their responsibility to shout “Bingo” before the next number is called. If as a player you fail to do this, and the “caller” announces the next number, it is a late call and you miss the chance of winning your price. The game begins when players buy bingo tickets.
• Avoid the habit of “parroting”i.e repeating numbers as they are called, this behavior although it might help you to concentrate is unwanted in the bingo hall.

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Once the game starts, all players are required to look down and focus on their cards. This formal requirement is known as the “pipe-down. The importance of pipe-down is that it enables players to focus, and thus avoid unnecessary repetitions. The caller picks random numbers and calls them. As the numbers are being played, players mark them on the cards. The winner is determined if a player correctly forms a given pattern. Some of the patterns that might arise are horizontal, diagonal, vertical or a full house. A full house refers to a case where all the numbers have been covered. Marking the numbers might also result in the formation of a digit, letter or a symbol.

American version online bingo rules

The American version of bingo uses 75 balls. Players purchase bingo tickets having three lines with five numbers on each line on a 5×5 grid. All the spaces are filled and usually a number appears once in a card. When the game commences, the caller calls the number randomly. Players then mark on the numbers called until the lucky player calls bingo. In the American version of Bingo three prizes are paid to successful players: the first prize is given to the first player who marks the first line of numbers, the second prize is given to the player who marks the first two lines whereas the third and biggest prize is given to the player who marks off the first three numbers. In a hall, the player shouts bingo whereas if the play is done online, the winning combination is automatically detected.

The British version online bingo rules

In the British version, 90 balls are used. Bingo tickets are on a 9×3 grid featuring 27 spaces. Not every grid has a number. A single row has five numbers and four blank spaces. The central square is considered as a free square and is usually marked. Just like in the American version, numbers are randomly selected and players mark there tickets until the desired pattern is realized. Typically, a winning combination has the following: a line, full house or two lines. Once this is done, the player shouts the word “BINGO” and claims the price. Unlike the American version, only one price can be claimed by the players-the first player who comes up with the winning combination.


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