¡Online Casino gaming is the Cure!

One of the most common terms associated with the world of casino gaming is obsession. This comes from the common cliché  of that old gambler that spends nights in a row, always inserting just one more coin. As with any activity, casino gaming can turn into an addiction. Many players, before falling into an addicted behavior, show clear symptoms of stress. With stress comes frustration, turning into a vicious circle that ends up in gaming addiction.  Or at least, that’s the common knowledge around.

As in everything, there is more to this than meets the eye. With the advance of technology and social studies, new tools appear to analyze this so called “vortex of perdition”. As a player, the most common look I get when I talk about my dear form of entertainment is one of pity, sometimes even like I was an addict by just playing.

Physical Presence casino addiction

Many old studies have assured us that physical presence casinos do promote addictive behavior. Between the flashy lights and witnessing other people wins, frustration may arise as a speeding jet. Therefore, what is supposed to be a joyful activity ends up being a chore, so the downfall comes. On the other side of the fence, we have Online Casino gaming, that lets us gamble from the commodity of our home. Now, for the interesting part, Online Casino is good for you. So if you are one of those souls that after a horrible time at work, like to relax clicking their way through an Online Slot, cheer up, you found yourself a concrete way to get relaxed, and in a healthy way.

Everyday Life

Working every day may end up being a strenuous activity and very stressing, forcing us to resort to a series of techniques and methods to reduce tension in our body and stimulate the senses to a level of relaxation and tranquillity. Video games have always been throughout its history, an interesting option to forget the problems and have a fun and entertaining time. Videogames have been found as a correct way to distress the mind since their inception.  A novelty this week was the release of Max Damage by Microgaming, the first Arcade Style Game/Casino Game ever.

Scientific Facts

Recently, a study showed that online casino games can have a positive effect on the brain and the ability to perform complex tasks, and now another study reinforces the theory that online games can benefit health. This means that in the first study we saw the positive effects that online games may have in the human brain, while this new study focuses on stress reduction.

The study analyzed the levels of cortisol, the most important stress hormone, in a large group of players for a few games of poker and the fact is that the study showed that the average level of cortisol participants decreased a total of 17% during the game. After these studies, scientists started extrapolating these studies to other online casino games. Based on the good results of the study, the team of experts says that there are good reasons to think that other casino games can also have the same positive effect on stress and side effects.

Now that you have science on your side ¡head up to the always reliable 888 Casino and start doing some serious poker damage!

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