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Words like Facebook and Twitter have become very known in the last decade. You can also count Myspace or other social sites that have become very popular throughout the net. Social networking is something that almost everyone in the present is familiar with. In just 3 seconds you can chat or see a picture of your buddy living in Japan. Some weeks ago, we had the opportunity to cover a Bingo Facebook app created by Sparkling games, solidifying this trend to share your online fun with everybody around the world. Rival Gaming, a famed Casino Software developer, inspired in this trend, decided to take the personal online casino experience to the next level, giving the player a space to share their biggest winnings with other players around the world. This function carries the name of “Sharing the Excitement”, only available at Rival Gaming online casinos.

The next level

One basic problem of online casino gaming is that it generally sees a player in his computer, gambling alone. It is a far more personal experience than the one you get in a real Casino, surrounded by colors, people and drinks. With social networking on the rise, Rival Gaming is attempting to take the online casino experience into this trend. Wether you hit it big at poker or winning the jackpot of a lifetime, “Sharing the Excitement” enables the possibility to share this moment of magic, the moment in which the player gets to see the win. The player also gets the option to let others immerse in the fun, only by pressing “ESC” on their keyboard. The win will be instantly recorded by the Casino Software, giving you a screenshot of the win that will be stored at Rival powered online casinos. Do not worry, only your initials will appear, so privacy is granted. Just by accessing a new tab, you can see screenshots of winnings of other players across the globe. You will also be able to rate screenshots and leave comments, so if you ever wanted to be a casino celebrity, this could be a good place to start.

Worldwide Fun

It would feel a little limited if you could just show your mega winnings to only users of the casino, so Rival Gaming online casino lets you share the wins with your buddies outside the site. You can do it by copying the URL directly into an email, msn, or almost any other media of online communication. In addition to the screenshot, comes an invitation that invites players to the site, so they download the casino software and start their own legend of winning moments. There is also the option to embed the screenshot to a webpage, using the HTML code given directly to you by “Share the Excitement”. This link will also take to the viewer an invitation to join the online casino. For those thinking that the quality of the image may be compromised, don’t worry, it is well maintained.

Personal Recommendation

At CasinoCheers we seriously recommend you visit Golden Cherry Casino  to join the “winning screenshot” fun. This function has become very popular in very little time and lots of players are joining every day.  Golden Cherry Casino is powered by Rival Gaming.

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