Online Casinos – Analysts expect a huge growth in the next 5 years

The online casino industry is at the top of its game, each year generating more profits.  Analysts expect this growth to continue over the course of the next 5 years at an outstanding rate. They justify this growth with the eventual legalization/ clarification regarding online casinos laws in two key countries, China and USA. The meaning of this is simple; the online casino industry promotes some of the most profitable businesses of the decade.

Technological Breakthrough

One of the main reasons that have pushed online casinos to this position are the solid advancements in telecommunications. Internet gives fast access to almost any kind of activity that would require you being physically there. This has hurt the land based casino industry, as each passing second new players opt to play the roulette from their home. It’s interesting to note how the value of time has increased and how the word immediate has become synonym of good. Smaller venues of land based casinos had to face bankruptcy at the face of these online giants.

Social Media Platforms

The invention of Facebook in many ways changed how society works. Promoting an online area that seeks complete unification between people and their peers, many businesses have made the jump to take advantage of this. Many players didn’t felt comfortable playing either at land based casinos or online casinos, but have found solace at real cash betting on social media platforms. Sum to this more than 500 million users, the comfort of socializing and betting at the same place and you got yourself a winner. We should also take into account the success of mobile products and the care prime developers are giving to creating new gaming platforms for them. Earlier this week we talked about MicroGaming Go, one that promises to be a revolutionary platform of entertainment.

US scene glimpse

Taking into account the success of this industry, it comes as a surprise that USA hasn’t clarified the laws regarding online gaming. The millions of dollars this industry takes per year is something that cannot be ignored, and with a correct tax management, it would without a doubt benefit the country. Maybe we should start embracing the fact that technology won’t stop and that the government should adapt to these new trends.

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