Online poker traffic on the downward trend

Poker scout, the online poker tracking website has reported that online poker traffic is on the downward trend for the third successive week.  The latest weekly report indicates that there was an overall fall by 2.9% in the number of visitors visiting poker rooms. However, there was some exceptions with Merge gaming network reporting an increase of 0.4% in the increase in its traffic.  The slight increase in merge gaming network traffic improved the its global ranking to the seventh position. The merge gaming network is made up of carbon poker, poker View and Lock poker.  The events surrounding the black Friday was a blessing in disguise for Merge, but matters have since been leveled to an even playing field with the network reporting a decrease in its traffic by 2% which is relatively good in comparison with its competitors.

The future is not so gloomy

Although there is a slump in the overall traffic, poker scout believe that the Month of June will inject a “breath of fresh air” to the poker. Poker scout analysts believe that the WSOP currently taking place in Las Vegas will increase interest in poker. The newly regulated market in Spain will also boost interest in poker.

The most significant event though is the rebranding of the Cake network to revolution gaming network. The rebranding is expected to take place today.  The rebranding has come with new benefits and player numbers are expected to increase significantly.

The world poker has generally been on a rough patch since the black Friday incidents.  The world poker traffic has dropped by a whopping 19% since last year with many poker rooms reporting a struggle its aim to increase the number of players.

Poker stars still leading the pack

Despite the general decrease in web traffic, poker stars fortune has not been affected greatly with its traffic increasing by 9%. Poker stars nearest rivals reported a slump in the number of traffic with Party poker and iPoker showing a decrease of 14%.  Other success stories include 888poker increase by 37%, increase by 22% and the biggest increase in the entire network increasing 262%.   The following had a big drop in its traffic: Full tilt 100% decline, Cereus network 98%, IPN by 51% and on game network by 14%.

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