Over $316,000 payed out by the Cannery Casinos in Pai gow Jackpots

Players of pai gow at the cannery casinos have smiled all the way to the bank in the past month having raked home over $316, 000. For starters, Pai gow poker is an American version of the pai gow poker game that is native to China. The game is played using 52 cards by six players in addition to the dealer. The aim of each player is to defeat the banker.

The lucky three,

Three players at the cannery casino have been particularly lucky has they have managed to hit a jackpot of over $56,000 each. This comes on a backdrop of over $260,000 win on April 15th for a game of progressive jackpot played at the east side casino.

In the game of pai gow, the highest payout is achieved by the five aces that consist of the four aces and a joker played on an ace.

The winning five aces this month were as follows:

• April 5th at the Eastside cannery: $27,282
• April 14th at the Cannery casino: $15,106
• April 18th at the Eastside cannery: $13,979

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