Pathological Gambler – Casino Games Addiction

Casino games in their wide specter of variations are thousands of years old and have been present in almost every culture in the world. This quest for excitement and beat boredom, have been the basis of the game at all times. Between them, there are various games that can generate addiction such as online slots, bingo, horse racing, and roulette, among others. However, there are two different perspectives when playing casino games: “Gambling and Pathological Gambling”.

What is Pathological Gambling?

Pathological gambling is a behavior that is characterized by the inability of a person to abstain and stop playing some kind of game that involves a “chance factor” (pinball, slots games, bingo, gambling etc.). As a general feature in people with this problem is the failure to resist the urge to play these games. Pathological gamblers have little to absolute no control over the gambling urges, making this disorder an incredibly dangerous one. All these behaviors generated in the pathological gambler gradually originate alterations in the different areas of their life such as education, employment, economic, family, social, etc.

What are the characteristics of a pathological gambler?

1) There is an ongoing obsession to play and get money to continue playing.

2) They tend to play larger amounts of money or for a longer time than they had planned before going to play.

3) Has the need to increase the amount or frequency of bets to get the desired satisfaction.

4) Feeling restless or irritable when they cannot play.

5) Constantly loses money in the game and come back the next day to try to recover.

6) Sacrifice some social activity, professional or recreational important dedicate more time to the game.

7) Often used as an alternative play to escape problems.

8) Trick family members or others to conceal the extent of their problem to control the game.

9) Can commit illegal acts such as forgery, fraud, theft or abuse of trust to finance gambling.

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