People’s Vote on Elections against the Betting

Betting seems to be a craze in recent times. So far we have seen betting on boxing matches, in gambles or in other cases. But now you can see different polls on news channels or in Casinos even, players are betting on upcoming presidential election.

In United States President is considered as the face of the nation itself. So gambling or betting on presidential elections does not really look good so people vote against the betting on elections.  Yes, it is indeed a good matter to turn the people on for betting, but that is not quite a good sign at all. A presidential election is no-way a matter of a ‘Game’ but it is a public interest that decides the future of the nation. So, there is no way a presidential election can be called or taken as a ‘Game’.

We know Las Vegas is known for its different life-style and ideas. We know the popularity of the casinos in Las Vegas. But it is not right to bet on presidential elections, neither it is acceptable to make that a part of the future commodity market when it represents the well beings of the nation.

Recently CFTC had called for a proposal to allow options for having the presidential election as ‘gaming’. It mentioned that this would not be taken as a public interest. But CNBC reported that this proposal by CFTC has been declined by Las Vegas casino officials. It surely proves the locals political sincerity that prevented the casino bosses from making the presidential election as an issue of gaming. The future representatives of the country cannot be taken as a bet or ‘game’ ever, this message has become clear with the step.

It is easy to make any issue a commodity to the people now a day. Therefore some people may take advantage and take some step like this where some important things like presidential election can be taken as a matter for betting. But once again Las Vegas people proved that they are aware of the game more than anyone in the nation and so they are not ready to take up any matter as a bet.

Even if you think of making betting legal, still it should not ever be mingled with anything that is national interest or public interest. Presidential election or senatorial election is a matter that almost every people in every country take seriously. So it may seem as defaming the nation by making the presidential election issue as a matter of game or bet.

Many other things have been accepted as a matter of betting so far. Not only game, sometimes people even bid on some un-natural things just by predicting a possible outcome for any certain matter. But it had not ever been a matter like presidential matter. Anything could be sold in the modern world if those are accepted by the people; but when it comes to a delicate matter like presidential election, the matter takes turn to a new and different direction.

People prefer to vote for the candidates on the basis of the works or reforms they have done or they promise to do. Those matters are delicate enough for the common people. And no matter what commodity is getting sold to the people, but the maximum number of buyers one can found are generally common people, who do not love to put their future on bet. Here, it may seem that the people have taken the proposal as a bet with their own futures. That is where the difference of the view-point has been created. No doubt, Las Vegas people stood for the correct option.

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