What to Play Where in Las Vegas

When you are talking about casinos, no one can deny that Las Vegas is the perfect destination for that. There are a lot of cool casinos in the areas especially when you are in the Strip, but there are certainly preferred playing venues and recommendations from those who love hanging out in these places. With so many games that are offered in many gaming halls, it would be difficult to make a choice on what to play and where to go. Here are some suggestions especially for those who are looking for that one place where they can enjoy the game and at the same time make the most out of it.

Mirage: Roulette

Roulette is one of those games that a lot of people are looking forward to playing because it is pretty much simple although the odds may not be that favorable to the gamer. If you want to have a greater advantage compared to the house and you are shopping for a place just to make the most out of this game then you can head off to Mirage. Regular games of roulette actually have the standard 2 zeros but if you want to increase your chances of winning the game, you should look for the game with only 1 zero. There are actually roulette games like this all over Vegas but most of them are in the room for high rollers and they are not accessible just to anybody. But, you can find this kind of roulette on the main floor of Mirage, so better try your luck and see if you can win the game.

The Palms/Hard Rock/ Tropicana/ Venetian/Cosmopolitan: Sports Betting and Races

Vegas is certainly the place to be when you are an avid fun of betting and here, you can bet just on any kind of sports and you will surely enjoy doing that at the Palms. They have this sports book known as Cantor Gaming where there are all sorts of screens that come in different sizes. Here, you can see the simultaneous telecast of different kinds of games. Those who are betting on sports can look forward to betting options which are following the latest technologies such as fantasy style betting as well as making a bet while a gem is in progress better known as In-running. Although the Palms is certainly the best choice, you can visit other casinos that also use the Cantor Sports Book.

Casino Royale: Craps

This is a small casino but it has a nice location in the middle of the Strip. If you are looking for a good venue to enjoy a game of craps and at the same time, getting much advantage over the house, this is one good place to start. One of the best reasons why this casino is a good choice is that they have these promotions that are something that other casinos cannot keep up with. The craps game here has deals with 20X odds. Due to this multiplier, it is really hard to look for a casino in the area with this kind of deal especially on the Strip. But if you do not mind going downtown you can also try to see Main Street Station where you might find the same odds.


Winning or losing in a casino are determined by a wide array of factors and you have to consider these things if you want to make the most out of your game. Although there is always a house advantage, you cannot deny that there are casinos with friendlier terms to its clients and you have to look for those places especially if you want to win a bit during your trip to Vegas.

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