Playboy’s Online Casino – Free trip to the Playboy Mansion!

Playboy’s online casino is already creating huge expectation among experts of the online casino industry who suggest it would be the biggest launch of 2013. Playboy’s online casino will feature a vast selection of games, ranging from common classics to innovative games from the most prestigious developers.  These offerings will be complemented with the elegant and sexy atmosphere only a brand like Playboy can offer to players.

A trip to the Playboy Mansion

The launch of Playboy Casino would be one of a kind. You can already join the a pre-launch promotion that will take you to the only place on earth where dreams come true. We are talking about the place where Hugh Heffner (founder and public figure of Playboy) resides along with some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Yes reader, we are talking about the one and only Playboy Mansion! There, the Bunnies will greet you in what surely be one of the most memorable nights of your life. However, Playboy Online Casino isn’t just offering a trip to the Playboy Mansion. They are offering a trip to a colossal party that will take place there in August.

How to Sign Up

To learn more about this great promotion and have a chance to taste heaven, you have to fill some simple data (First Name, Last Name, Email and Country) and you will receive all the information regarding the great event. Doing this will sign you up so you can start learning more about the most expected online casino launch of 2013.

However, that isn’t all. For some players, a party would be incentive enough to consider signing up on a casino, but Playboy Casino takes this to a whole new level.  By singing up you will obtain a $20 bonus that will become available as soon as Playboy Casino launches in June.

Elegant Design

Playboy Casino will feature one of the most graphical interfaces in the world. The atmosphere promises to be sexy, yet elegant, featuring the kind of artistic details you would expect from them. There will also be a great selection of games, featuring both classic and innovative offerings to the players.

As a casino blog, we recommend you to check out this online gaming revolution, as it truly promises to be the best online casino experience of the year. Follow the motto of Payboy Casino “Life is for living. Let the good times roll”.

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