Poker as a Mental Sport

Poker has always been associated with poker table, casino tricks, winning money or huge championships and by many as one of the greatest card games ever, poker is no more than an iconic card game. However, this could change in the future. Many consider poker like a sport of the mind or in other words, a mental sport. This is because the king of strategies and skills used by the player to emerge victorious from a game are all based form his mental skills.

Popularity & Competitiveness

Many players have expressed a major disappointment over the years, considering poker should be around the likes of chess, which achieved the status of sport long ago. The arguments are that it is a game that requires strategies and constant innovation from the players, summing to this its universal like popularity and it already has prestigious tournaments based on it all around the world.

Rise of Online Poker

Online Poker is one of the main pillars of pokers since the early 2000. With hundreds of poker sites around the web, it gave poker a huge boost in popularity, taking the game into new heights. This branch of poker permits players to engage opponents all around the globe. Although it is criticized by many “classical players” for not having the thrills of physical presence poker, online poker has become the main chose between lots of old and new players.

Today poker is on track to be recognized as a mental sport because of the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), and try to include it in the World Games Mind Sports, event held in parallel to the Olympics. For decades players and experts of the scene have tried to accomplish this feat, but to no avail. However, it is believed that with the increased popularity the game has achieved in the last years, 2013 may be the lucky one.

The first president of the International Poker Association, Anthony Holden said that it not will be long for this game to be included in the Sportaccord (Association of International Sports Federations) and then officially recognized by the International Association of Mind Games as a mental sport.

Poker, like many sports, requires a big set of strategies and innovations from the player in order to achieve his maximum potential in a game. We always recommend players to refresh the 8 fundamental Advises for Poker Players, a great collection of hints to improve the game.

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