Poker rooms rules

The game of Poker is the most loved games. Poker has captivated players ever since it was introduced, and just like all good games, rules are fundamental in ensuring fair play to all players. Poker rules and etiquette must be abided by all players, not only when playing, but also in the poker rooms. This article will review poker rooms rules that must be adhered if the game is to be played in a professional manner while you have fun. Before exploring on the rule, it is important to note that a poker room can host different poker games such as the Texas holdem and Omaha among others. This rules listed below are general and apply to all forms of poker played in a poker room.

Poker rooms rule 1: Don’t show your cards

As a player, never reveal your cards as the hand goes on. Although, not punishable, this behavior has the effect of killing the suspense of the game. One player is given an advantage over the rest and has the potential of ruining the pot for another player. If you ever do this by mistake, be quick in apologizing to the rest of the players. Players also must never disclose their cards verbally.

Poker rooms rule 2: Avoid profane language

Avoid the temptation of swearing and using other profane language when playing the game. Definitely, you don’t want to piss off other players, which can result in you being avoided in future games.

Poker rooms rule 3: Protect your hand

As a player you protect your hand by either placing a chip or holding the cards. If you do not protect your hand, it might be mucked by the dealer. Since this rule can lead to heated arguments, players are usually warned of the consequences of not protecting their hands.

Poker rooms rule 4: Use formal language

Use of foreign language is prohibited. The language used in poker rooms should be clear to all players to avoid unnecessary tensions and suspicion from other players.

Poker rooms rule 5: Don’t blame the dealer

An obvious by many players when the game is not going their way is to blame the dealer for their misfortune. The dealer has no effect on the outcome of the game, nor do they have control over which the cards are dealt. The dealers are simply there to moderate on the game, and they ought to be given the respect that they deserve.

Poker rooms rule 6: Games are table stakes

All poker games are table stakes. This means taking off the chips, or the cards is not permitted until the game a player quits playing. In addition, it is not permitted for chips and cards to be passed from one player to another.

Poker rooms rule 6: Viewing of cards

Whereas it is not allowed for a player to show the nature of their cards, they must never conceal there playing cards from view of other players or the dealer.

Poker rooms rule 7: Table rules (fold and check)

If a player knocks or taps a table, it is known as a check. On the other hand, if a player tosses or pushes the cards away, it is known as a fold. Checking refers to a situation where a player refuses to make a bet whereas; folding is forfeiting interest in the current pot.

Poker rooms rule 8: Spectators

Spectators are only supposed to watch the game. Advising the players on how to play the game is a total NO, and it can lead to a spectator to be expelled from a casino.

Poker rooms rule 9: Respect your opponent

Remember that you are playing poker not to advise other players or criticize their size of play. Your mind and thoughts should be fixed on the pot.

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