Powerball 550 million & Child Gamblers – USA casino news

It’s no casino news that children aren’t supposed to gamble. Gambling is an activity that can have devastating consequences on an adult, imagine a child that develops the activity into a hobby. The latest Kentucky polemic goes hand in hand with lottery and “child gamblers”.

The Kentucky Lottery issued a statement, advising customers to not buy scratch-off tickets to children. They state this kind of gift could have much greater consequences that leading the consumers towards a huge jackpot.

Chip Polson, spokesman of the Kentucky Lottery acknowledged that giving tickets to children isn’t illegal per se, but it should always be avoided. The effects of just a single scratch off ticket could be great on the child’s mind. Research has shown that the sooner a person starts gambling in a regular basis, it becomes liker that they could become addicted to the activity.

Adults are recommended to be on the lookout to certain conducts that could be deriving from a gamble problem. Sudden necessity to lie, usage of gambling terms, absences at school, withdrawal from friends are the main signs.

Powerball $550 million dollars

This Wednesday a lucky soul will win $550 million dollars, marking a new record for Powerball Lottery. Reports show that until now, 160 million tickets have found their way towards the pockets of hoping individuals, all around the USA.

The chances of a win with one ticket, are almost 1 in 175 million, or in others words, it’s almost impossible. Many people just buy one ticket, taking it as mere amusement, but for other large group, it becomes something much bigger, becoming a dangerous gamble.  Reports show that Florida alone was selling around 20,000 tickets per minute.

However, the casino news no one wants to take into account, is the harm that such activities can have on some people. Here comes the story of Lisa Metzler, an average American woman, fighting the gambling addiction. She has stated that she spent more than $10.000 dollars on lottery tickets for the big PowerBall tonight

Metzler commented: “Gambling flipped my life upside down,”. “I shut out my family, shut out my friends, it was all I wanted to do … I was hooked from day one.”

20 billion dollar industry

The woman searched for help and ended up calling a hotline to get some help on her problem. The deal is that Florida has lessened the budget destined to organizations in charge of giving help to compulsive gamblers, by more than a million and a half dollars. This comes as a shock towards many, as the advertising campaigns behind the lottery require more than a $30 million investment.

Pat Fowler, spokesman for the council stated: “A lot of the funding that our organization received was utilized for marketing and outreach, because we know that’s how we get help to the people who need it,”

In USA, State-approved gambling is a huge success, making around $20 billion. This money is used for scholarships and school funds. But no matter of the noble investment of this money many do question, at what cost?

Metzler commented “People out there need help and if they don’t give the funding that is needed for this, there’s gonna be so many more cases like mine.”

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