Prince George’s Council split on Casino issue

And finally we found that casino gaming can even make a clear division to a group or council. Recently, Prince George’s council members became split on the decisions of bringing Casino games in the county.  Now they have left the decision to the voters to decide whether they want gambling in their county like it is in Las Vegas or not.

But this decision has sparked questions in the Assembly house. Members are divided with the decision. It is a fact that if the casino business comes to the county, it would help the financial sector largely. But it can create some other kinds of problems. The reason for what members are parted is not the financial one or a positive one; but most of them took an issue which alarmed others about the bad effects of this business. Therefore the bill, that was about to pass in the legislation, has been stopped.

The bill that was about to allow full-fledged Casino gaming in the county, has faced questions. The delegations of Prince George’s County council, along with the chairman, Del. Melony Griffith also faced question about taking such decisions. The County Council head opposed this decision and showed the reasons behind that. It was quiet clear that they wanted to stay away of any kind of hazard that may come up later.

But on the other hand, six of the nine members of the council led by Mel Franklin wrote to the legislation leader outlining their support for this bill. Also some other members of the County’s house delegation in Annapolis showed a strong support for the bill.

The true fact is this, almost everyone is aware of the fiscal problems and want to stay away of those. Introduction of Casino gaming likewise it is in Las Vegas can take the pressure off from the county government. But if some other hazard come-up afterwards, it would not bring a good sign then. So it is wise enough to leave it on the people. And it is clearly seen what the people can choose when one takes a look in the Assembly. Most of the members have personally voted for the bill. Most of them want to start that immediately. When a state is free of any pending tax burden, most of the problems can get solved itself. That is why most of the legislators have given their opinion for the bill to be passed immediately.

But the split decisions among the Council members have kept the bill from getting passed for a little longer now. By the end of the last month, the Council sent a long letter containing a list of issues that the Council said to be solved before it backs the bill. That created intense among the lawmakers in the assembly. But Annapolis always stood supportive about the game to introduce in the county.

This is indeed a tuff decision to be taken where both a good and bad kind of out-come may be seen side by side. Them who are against it, feared if the Casino gaming starts in the county as it is there in Las Vegas, it may create many other problem that this county may not handle. But a full-fledged Las Vegas style table game can create many other options that would help the county to deal with some long lasted issues. That is why the other party is keen to get the bill passed.

But, at the end of the day we can see, the matter is a complete public interest. So the decision finally taken by all the members, to wait for the public vote on this issue, is the wisest one which can solve all the confusions.

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