Princes of the Game – Royal Saga

All casino players dream of leaving the casino with their financial problems solved for the rest of their life. Of course, this isn’t the case with 99% of casino players. For starters, casinos are businesses and as such: if everybody was a winner, the casino would be the looser. Every casino promotes big winnings, beautiful girls and a life beyond luxury. You could say a casino could become the doorway to all those things, but in reality, it’s just a marketing scheme.

Today we are going to talk of some individuals that achieved the unthinkable; going home with winnings beyond imagination. These individuals could be called legends of the casino world, as well as a “pain in the you know what” of casino owners. A good starting place to become a legend, is checking these interesting tips, regarding which casino to choose when you feel like gaming. Therefore, we proudly present the first part of the royal saga:  the princes of the game.

Archie Karas

Karas is internationally known as the best casino player of all time. Circa 1992, he borrowed 10.000$ from a friend of his and went to the Binion Casino, located in Las Vegas. He never imagined that this may have been the best decision of his life.

For many years, Karas challenged some of the best poker players of the World, including Chip Rese, Stu Ungar and Doyle Brunson, transforming a mere 10.000$ in more than 17 million.  When he started to get bored of poker, he tried Craps, betting amounts of 100.000$ like candy. He proved successful in this new venture and in two years he amassed a fortune of 40 millions.

After this little story many casino players will surely get a little anxious, as we all dream with a fortune of this size. The irony is that Karas was beaten in the end. Beaten by an enemy that all casino players face, ambition. In 3 weeks Archie lost 30 millions and by the end of 1995, he lost everything. They say you should enjoy it while it lasts, we hope Archie did.

Stanley Fujitake

Fujitake was a regular player on the Hotel-Casino California in Las Vegas, when one day he marked the pages of history as one of the biggest winners in relation to his time of activity. May 29 of 1989, Stanley Fujitake had a huge streak playing craps. Nobody imagined that in just 3 hours and 6 minutes, he could have crossed the 1 million mark. We encourage you to follow his example, you have the exact same chances he did. If you want to improve your craps game  you can always visit the Top 10 Craps tips and aspire to get a fortune equal to the one of Fujitake.

Kerry Packer

Packer is another example of a casino legend, but as Karas, he is as known for his winnings as for how quickly his winnings evaporated. Kerry is a wealthy Australian businessman, known worldwide for his business ventures. In 1997, the man won 30 millions in just one round at the MGM Grand. On the other hand, doing the kind of bets he did, he ended loosing much more than that amount playing. On a single night he managed to lose 20 millions.

That is all for today folks, but catch up with us tomorrow, as we continue reviewing other casino legends.

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