Renowned slots machine designer dies in accident

Robert Philip Manz, one of the most influential, and respected persons in the gambling community has died following a road accident in the city of Las Vegas on Saturday, he was 65. The cause of the accident is attributed to a medical emergency as he was driving. This news is a devastating blow to the gambling community given the contributions of Robert in the enhancement of the game specifically the game of slots. He is the man credited with the invention of the Blazing 7S and the black, and white casino slots series.

Distinguished career,

Robert Philip Manz, though gone from the gambling scene, his works and contributions will forever be remain immortal. Mainz was the pioneer in the design of the video lottery terminals that is connected to a central computer that is used in determining the outcome of each wager. The device resembles the traditional las Vegas-style reel machine.

He was also instrumental in the development of the Rocket’s Gold series of slots machines that is now used by several tribal casinos throughout the world. But, perhaps the crème del crème work of Manz is the development of the Blazing 7S and its subsequent variations that has is now very popular among game user since it was first introduced in 1987. According to the vice president of the game design at Rocket, Manz had a knack in understanding what players like and what players wanted to see in several winning combinations.

Long time friend and game-designer Charlie Lombardo attributed the success of Manz because he employed the concept of allowing a game’s entertainment value to be the driving force in the design of a game.

“He had the mentality of a gambler, and he fully understood that if you took care of a player and give him value, the player will eventually give you money. He also believed that it was important to let a player win once in a while, and it was okay to let the player go home with money in their pockets”

Lombardo met Manz for the first time during the rebuilding of the MGM grand casino, now known as Ballly. Lombardo, was initially pessimistic of the prospects of Blazing 7s, but time would prove otherwise as the game quickly became a favorite in many casinos.

Manz began his career with Bally Manufacturing in the city of Chicago in the 1970’s and later moved to the city of Las Vegas in 1983. He was to work for Bally’s technologies for 23 years where he served as the president of the Las Vegas-based Rocket gaming systems guiding it from a small start-up operations to one of the leaders in the production of a class of casino games that is now used in tribal casinos.

Always humble,

Despite of his remarkable achievements, Manz was not a person to blow trumpets and he hated the spotlight and tried as much as possible to avoid such. According to the CEO of Rocket Gaming systems

“Whenever we would introduce him as the person who is responsible for turning the fortune of the company, he would always interject saying that the growth of the company was a result of team efforts”

Manz survived by a sister living in Chicago and a brother living in Las Vegas. He will be buried on Monday at the Southern Nevada veteran Cemetery in the city of Boulder.

He will definitely, be missed by the gambling community, but his legacy is well assured.

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