Saskatchewan, Canada controvercial casino news

One of the key words that have defined humanity is “advancement”.This casino news comes as a contradiction to this, it normally comes with the hesitation of society against certain kind of advancements. This phenomenon happens with a ton of important industries and the casino industry is no exception, as the jump of the online world in many countries is seen as troublesome by their respective governments.

Online jurisdictions are pretty misty in some countries, that’s the case of Canada. Now, in the province of Saskatchewan, a tribe is attempting to bring the casino fun the to the web. Although there will surely be casino news updates of this subject,  time will say if the labor of the First Nation tribe will be accepted by the local authorities, we can only hope so.

Misty jurisdictional Canadian panorama

The Saskatchewan First Nation tribe will pursue their objective in direct association with GeoBET Gambling Network. Bernie Shepherd joining hands with many Canadian physical presence casinos will be the driving force of this noble venture. Shepherd commented on local newspapers that according to information obtained from lawyers and important key figures from the industry, he will not formally communicate with the provincial Government. In a local newspaper he shared with the public: “I’m establishing our jurisdiction. We have inherent rights – treaty rights and constitutional rights. In our minds, this is legal.”

Comments of local authorities

The scenario in Canada isn’t too promising. In one hand, we have Jevad Heydary, lawyer specialized on the casino industry. Heydary shared with a local newspaper that that this online operation is entirely illegal in Saskatchewan, but as there are no cases of this kind, he isn’t sure what exact measures ill the Government take. On the other side, Donna Harpauer, local Gaming Authority, has said that the government was once on the verge of taking casinos to the online side.

However, the idea ended in nothing, when many risks of social matter taken into account surpassed the amount of good a local Canadian online casino could make. She remarked that the action of opening an online casino in the province is of an illegal nature.

A GEObet spokesman shared with the public that their sole objective is to make the best online casino experience possible. However, the scenario as we said before is very polemic. An informal poll disclosed that 59% of the respondent’s desire is that if the online casino goes live, that it immediately shuts down.

In our casino news section, lately we covered the online casino scene in USA and UK. For these subjects you can find headlines almost daily.

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