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In what could be some of the most interesting casino news in a while, the casino experience has found a new destination. Having conquered the land, later the cybernetic realm with online casinos, the next objective are the skies, where eagles fly and where in planes, players will gamble.

Future -airplane-gambling Experience

Even as this is casino news, gambling on long-distance flights has been tried before, although it didn’t reach anything sort of conclusive. Airlines shied away from this revolutionary concept, but that was until today, when air travel may finally begin moving its wheels to a future airplane-gambling experience.

French Visionaries

By the hand of two French aviation designers, they believe that with their new studies and ideas, they have reached a practical way to introduce the online casinos games experience in a confortable way. Players shouldn’t believe they will be cramped up between slots games machines, by all means, the two French designers assure this will be a practical implementation. They say that in-flight cheap movies will be replaced by spacious seating, operational casino games and a full service bar, all this while flying to your next destination.

Frederique Houssard, the founder of Designescence commented: “We’re trying to bring back the glamour of the 50′s and 60′s a little bit. The kind you see in the James Bond movies.”

This is reportedly a joint venture between Houssard and Jean-Pierre Alfano. As of yet, there are no contracts between airlines and the pair, although their offerings are currently being considered by many major airlines. The entire concept resides within the belief that the implementation would be fully functional and not at the expense of the passengers commodity

Alfano commented: “When you’re on a 14-hour flight, even when you’re in business class, all you can really do is eat, drink, watch movies, and sleep. The Casino Jet Lounge isn’t just a bar or entertainment idea. We see it as a social space.”

Mobile Devices and Space Issues

With the rise of online casinos, many have stated wondering if this kind of venture would probe fruitful, as players could simply gamble away in their mobile devices. One option would be to limit the players access to the plane internet, therefore in some way making the online casinos experience on the plane the only entertainment available. The ethics behind this is questioned by many critics, although this kind of happening occurs on many industries.

The space issues are attributed by Alfano to be simply taken care off by making the social lounge on the bottom of the plane, where the cargo is stored. This way, machines wouldn’t come at the expense of possible seats to passengers and at the same time, not disturbing those who simply want to fly without playing.

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