The Slot Machine Love Affair – Is It Worth It?

Playing slots is one of the most popular games in casinos today. It was in the 80’s that slots surpassed table games as the ultimate favourite of casino goers. The number one reason for this shift in preference is the huge amount of jackpots slot machines can provide for lucky players. When computers were finally used in slot machines this made it possible for the jackpots to happen in lesser frequency. When there are fewer jackpot winners, the pot money also gets considerably bigger. It took a short time for people to realize that if they do gamble, they might as well gamble for the bigger pot money on the slots.

The randomness of slots

Slot machines operate on a completely random system as far as selecting winners is concerned. It does not matter how long the last jackpot was won or how long the machine has been running. The computer inside the machine simply picks random symbols in the reels and that’s that. The randomness in winning in the slot machine is likened to a coin flip – every toss has the equal chance of going to your favour. Every try at the slots’ jackpot has the equal chance of making you go home a millionaire. This makes the slots more exciting and interesting to people who are either regulars in casinos or those who come for some casual entertainment when “they feel like it”.

Feeding the jackpot

Most slot machines are linked together so that portion of the money collected from the slots is put in the jackpot. This means that a group of machines can provide a very big amount of winnings for that one lucky person playing in the slots. You just do not win that kind of amount in table games. Today 70% of the casino games played is slots and while you might miss all the fun in gambling together with other people, you also cannot stop thinking about that huge jackpot and so you keep on playing with the machines.

The slot machines: the good and the bad

The good and bad side of slot machines are very subjective. For example, while other people might complain that playing on the slots can leave them penniless fast, others who come to the slots often do not mind about that at all. All they want is try their luck and then leave. Most slot machine “critics” would say that slots do not give you the chance to play with actual human beings. However the truth is not all people who go to the casino come to play with others. They do not see casinos as an ideal place to socialize and have fun with other humans.


Slot machines are fun, random, and tease you with a huge jackpot. For many this is the perfect game to play. So go on and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from betting on your own luck in the machines.

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