Slots Guide for Beginners

With the many versions of slots available both online and offline, probably you are wondering- how do I get started? If this is your worry, worry no more. This slots guide for beginners is meant for you. Read through to under all about the game of slots.

So what are slots?

Slots is a game that is played using a slot machine. The machine can look intimidating to first time players but this should not worry you, its design is not meant to intimidate but rather increase on your chances of winning. The man who is credited with designing the slots machine is Charley fey a fete he accomplished in 1897. Today slots are among the most popular games played in casinos and if you visit any casino you will find row after row of slots machines.

The game can also be played online. There are basically two types of slot machine: the progressive and the straight slot. The two machine operate the same save for one crucial feature- straight slots have a fixed amount set as a jackpot whereas in progressive slots the jackpot keeps on increasing as a result of a small percentage that is added to each bet done.

Playing Slots

Slots are one of the easiest casino games to play. To play a game, you only need to pick a machine and select on the amount you want to bet. Once you have placed the bet, press the lever to spin the reels. The reels will spin and stop one after the other, in the process creating a pattern. If this pattern corresponds to a payout display, a player wins and the winning coins come out of the payout tray. If you are not successful, you will have to repeat the process until you become successful.

The reels have been specifically designed with Mylar-like strip having symbols on them. These symbols can be a virtual representation of anything. The common symbols represented are fruits and shapes like diamonds and hearts. Each reel has been specifically designed to stop at certain places. These designated places are known as “steps” or the “stops”. A computerized slot machine has a hundred and twenty eight stops with a probability of 2,097,152 possible outcomes. The reel stop chances are determined by the Random number generator. This makes it impossible to predict the outcome of a slot roll.

Online slots

If your prefer playing the game online due to convenience. It is very important that you sign up with a reputable online casino to minimize on the chances of being swindled off your money. Some of the factors that you need to consider before signing up with an online casino include: bonuses offered, type of slot games they offer, and customer support system. If you are a novice to the game, it is recommended that you first practice with free games before understand all that is required for the game. You do this by selecting the free play option available in online casinos.

For you to play games offering money, you are supposed to deposit some money with the casino. Depositing of the money is done either through a visa card or a master card or any other options that is acceptable by the casino. If you have any problems playing the slots game online, never hesitate to talk to the customer care representative that are always present in free casinos. Playing online can be very unforgiving especially if you lack the prerequisite knowledge of playing slots, it is thus very important to get the relevant knowledge in order to avoid situations where you end up losing money carelessly.

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