Spinning the odds – Roulette Myths

The roulette is one of the most exciting and funniest games to play on a Casino. The thrill of the ball, the odds of the numbers, the beautiful ladies chanting, are all factors that sum up in an iconic Casino game. We also have to take into account the ventures of Casino Software Development that advanced so much that you can have an almost exact replica of the live experience in your computer monitor.

Myths tend to be around almost anything as long as it is popular enough. When this happens, false information starts to be passed. There, from mouth to mouth, click to click, these myths get a life of their own. Today we are going to write about many myths surrounding the game of roulette. You can also check the ones surrounding slots machines, some really give quite a shock  This kind of myths affect many players around the world, leading them to worsen their style and their shot at getting a huge revenue.

Our proposal is, read them, learn of them and then give your best to win some interesting dollars.

Same product everyplace

Many players in an attempt to sound intelligent of casino hardware developers say that all roulettes are exactly the same. There is no variation of model whatsoever; it is all marketing to misguide the player. Well, this isn’t by any means true. For example, roulettes from Europe give you a bigger chance of success, thus they have 37 spaces instead of 38. Meanwhile, North American ones have 38 spaces, giving the house more odds.

Spins aren’t random

Another common myth is that if a roulette gave the positive five times in a row, it sums to your chances of winning. Was it the case it gave the negative three hundred times, you still wouldn’t have any more odds of winning. Every spin is random, 50% – 50%. This is because every spin in the roulette marks a different event from the one before. There is absolute no influence of the times the roulette was spined on the outcome. Sometimes it seems incredible to witness a player winning six times in a row, but it take our world,  all falls under mathematics and some even say…luck. Also it dosent hurt to check the basic rules of the game.

Using the calculator doesn’t help

A basic myth that usually hunts the more technologic crowd is that with a mathematic system you can beat the odds. This basically means that you would able to know when you are going to win and when you are going to lose. Players have come to invest in useless systems or search the entire internet of a valid one. The reality is that there is no such thing of improving your odds. You see what to get and you can’t do a thing about it. The only possible way of improving your odds would be tampering with the roulette and that’s impossible.

Of course there are certain ways of lowering your chances to lose, but that will be covered other day. We recommend to always getting yourself informed about casino games before attempting playing them.


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