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Stairway to Baccarat Master 1

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The stairway to excellence is a complicated one. For every professional out there, making a living out of a game, there once was a novice, a simpleton who didn’t even knew the rules of the game. After hardships, tutorials and many invested hours, this simpleton becames a master of the game, the kind of person that can make a fool out of you in 5 seconds. I advice before continuing, you read the basic rules of the game in Baccarat Rules, a thorough article on the basics of the game.

Baccarat is one of the simplst Casino Card games to play. Because of this, many persons feel attracted to it, as it doesn’t require much mental work to understand the rules. The thing is, simplicity comes with a price. It may be simple to play, but it isn’t that simple to win and that’s why you are here today. In this article we will present the first part of the stairway saga, a saga that will end if you pay close attention, with a new knowledgeable Baccarat player. We all know information is power, but the other golden rule of the casino player is “Practice makes Master”. Experience is the best kind of knowledge my friend, so after reading this, go to the tables and train your skills. Here leave you the first part of baccarat tips:

Do not mortgage your house

Remember those days when at the end of the month you got some extra cash you didn’t really need? Or that day the boss gave you a bonus because of a new project you did. In casino gaming, especially when entering, it is imperative you use, let’s say, your “extra money”. I strongly advice you against gambling money you may need in the near future, remember, you are training. If you want to take risks, know the game and know the chances.

Dark side of the Pros

I think everyone once was doing something and a little while later, a “knowledgeable stranger” came near. He claimed to know tricks on how to improve your skills, a killer strategy that would make you the best. Well, that doesn’t   exist in Baccarat. The thing about this game is that it is governed mostly by tricky lady known as luck. Because of this, you have a tiny space to improve the chances, so the pro that claims to have a bullet proof winning strategy, is either lying or delusional.

Real chance of getting something

Weird as it may sound, in this game the Casino has a small advantage on most of the bets. In this game you have three possible bets, if you wager on the bank, you have a slightly greater advantage. In the scenario you are against an 8 deck shoe, the advantage of the Casino is over 1%. Then you have the wager on the player. Repeating the scenario with an 8 deck shoe, here the casino has an advantage of about 1.24%. The other path you could take, is avoid the bet altogether, but please, do not  bet on a tie. An 9 to 1 chances may sound dreamy, but now the Casino has an advantage over 6%.

After this brief tips, you must be wandering where to start practicing, in Here you will find a quick guide on where to play the game.

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