State of Illinois makes major changes to its online gaming plan

The state of Illinois has made major changes on its plans to oversee the state run online gaming industry. This was made through a third amendment to the house. The significant change was putting the game in the hands of the affiliates.

You can have a look at the third amendment in this link.

More on the changes:

As part of the changes, an online poker platform will be developed within the state lottery, and subsequently be licensed to the sixteen casinos and racetracks in the state of Illinois. Each property will be required to make five million dollars so as to get a licensing fee so as to get permission for using the states platform.

Another bill is in the pipeline:

Another bill is “brewing” in the legislative house and it aim at making it easier for the establishment of bricks and mortar casinos in the state. If this bill is approved, it will result in increase in the access to the internet gaming industry.

The state hopes that it will generate up to $105 million through licensing fees. Part of this proceed will be given to the operators. The games will not be run by the state. The state will only determine which types of games can be played including the player’s prices as well as the percentages they can rake. The players will be cashed by the state.

The passage of this bill gives the state the power to form interstate compact. The current pact existing is intra-state. Third parties will provide technologies for identity verification, and geo-location.

The bill was sponsored by the senate president John Cullerton.

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