Texas Holdem Poker Beginners Guide

Texas holder poker is a form of community poker game. As the name suggests, this game was first played in Robstown, Texas, the United States of America. The game has since spread through the world making and is the most popular form of poker available in casinos all over the globe. The popularity of the game surged in the 2000’s as a result of the internet, writings in popular literature, incorporation into Hollywood movies and exposure by Television.

Basics of Texas Holdem Poker

The game is played in the clockwise direction by using 52 cards arranged in four suits i.e. the hearts, diamonds, clubs, and the spades. The cards are ranked from the highest to the lowest value. Two to nine players are required for the game to be played. The game is controlled by a dealer; usually a professional or one of the players assumes this role. The objective of this game is to win money- money of other players. The casino will make money by taking a small percentage of the money players bet.

How Texas Holdem Poker is played

Texas holdem poker starts when each player is given two cards. Once the cards have been issued, based on the cards a player receives, he can choose to continue playing the game or call it quits.

(i) Round one

Each player is given two playing cards. The first player known as the small bind and the next player known as the big blind make compulsory contribution to the pot.

(ii) Round two

Round two of betting follows the bet. In this round, the dealer reveals the first three community cards. The cards are placed at the centre of the betting table. This round is also known as the flop.

(iii) Round three

The 4th community card is revealed by the dealer. This round is known as the turn.

(iv) Round four

This round is also known as the river. In this round, the final community card is dealt. At the end of this round, it follows the showdown. The final player remaining puts down his or her cards for other players to see. The winner then walks with pot winning all the money for that round.

Common terminologies in Texas Holdem Poker

Calling the bet– occurs when the last player stakes the same as the last player on the right. If a player refuses to call the bet, the bet on the pot is relinquished.

Raising the bet– occurs when the previous player matches the previous bet and increases on the bet.

Checking the bet– a player is not required to call another player bet so as to remain in the game. When a player checks, no other amount, is staked.

Straight flush– A situation where there are five cards in a row all of the same suit

Four of a kind– having four cards of the same rank e.g. AAAA

Full house– Having three cards of the same rank and a pair e.g. AAAKK

River play– a situation where there are no more cards to play

Limits– Texas holdem poker game is structured into two fixed or limit. In the former, the amount you can bet is limited; the reverse is true for the latter. As a beginner, only start with structured play before you fully undertand Texas holdem poker rules.

Button– a round disk used to represent a player in the dealer position. The button rotates in the clockwise position.

Texas holdem poker is a game whose learning is not difficult. The only uphill task is its mastery, which improves with practice. Once you feel more confident, you can check our texas holdem poker tips to start getting advantage over your opponents.


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